Norway Voted Best Country In The World For Quality Of Life

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Norway has been voted as the best country in the world for quality of life according to United Nation’s latest Human Development Index (HDI) ranking.

Neither the UK or the US came in the top ten while Norway has remained in the top spot for several years.


The HDI ranks a country depending on its life expectancy, expected years of schooling, mean years of schooling as well as gross international income (GNI).

For Norway, its life expectancy is the highest of the 189 countries in the index, with an average of 82.4 years. Meanwhile, the UK’s was 81.3 years, and the US was 78.9.

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Coming in second on the table was the Republic of Ireland (ROI) with an average life expectancy of 82.3 – one place higher than the 2019 HDI.


While ROI came behind Norway, the country had a higher expected years of schooling with 18.7 years, compared to Norway’s 18.1. However, Norway’s mean years of schooling was 12.9 while ROI’s was 12.7.

Coming in third behind ROI was Switzerland followed by: Hong Kong; Iceland; Germany; Sweden; Australia; the Netherlands and Denmark. The UK came in 13th overall with the US in 17th.

Meanwhile, sitting in 189th place was Niger with an average life expectancy of 62.4 and a mean number of years in education being 2.1.

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Discussing the Human Development Report that was published on Tuesday, December 15, the UN said:

The 2020 Human Development Report (HDR) doubles down on the belief that people’s agency and empowerment can bring about the action we need if we are to live in balance with the planet in a fairer world. It shows that we are at an unprecedented moment in history, in which human activity has become a dominant force shaping the planet.

These impacts interact with existing inequalities, threatening significant development reversals. Nothing short of a great transformation – in how we live, work and cooperate – is needed to change the path we are on. The Report explores how to jumpstart that transformation.

It adds, ‘The climate crisis. Biodiversity collapse. Ocean acidification. The list is long and growing longer. So much so that many scientists believe that for the first time, instead of the planet shaping humans, humans are knowingly shaping the planet. This is the Anthropocene – the Age of Humans – a new geologic epoch.’

United Nations Human Development Index Ranking

It concluded that, while the ongoing health crisis taken the world’s attention this year, other crises such as climate change, continue to take its toll.

The UN then asked the question, ‘Do we choose to strike out on bold new paths striving to continue human development while easing planetary pressures? Or do we choose to try—and ultimately fail—to go back to business as usual and be swept into a dangerous unknown?’

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