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Surreal footage shows what a pop concert in North Korea looks like

Surreal footage shows what a pop concert in North Korea looks like

A video of how they do pop concerts in North Korea has emerged and it's really, really, REALLY weird.

Footage has emerged to solve the mystery of what pop concerts look like in North Korea and the answer appears to be that they're really weird.

It can be hard to know what goes on in North Korea, the nation is notoriously secretive and the most we normally hear of it is how they're conducting more nuclear tests.

What few glimpses we do get to see out here in the normal world tend to be heavily stage managed, cementing the cult of personality around dictator Kim Kong-un.

Naturally, that makes some footage of a pop concert held in the country an incredibly valuable insight into what goes on inside the rogue nation when they're not threatening to launch missiles everywhere. Take a look:

While music concerts are a pretty ubiquitous thing all around the world, the way North Korea does them is incredibly unique, but this isn't necessarily in a good way.

Whereas most pop concerts would have the band on stage performing to a cheering crowd, North Korea has singers serenading footage of their leader standing in the snow.

The audience is a whole other world of weirdness as it's row after row of stony faced men in military uniforms applauding monotonously without ever cracking a smile.

Singers sang at footage of Kim Jong-un standing in the snow.

As it turns out, listening to the wrong kind of music can get you killed in North Korea, as rights groups have claimed that multiple people have been executed for listening to K-Pop.

K-Pop, for those not in the know, is a genre of music originating from South Korea with fans all over the world, including some just across the border with North Korea.

Some K-Pop gets smuggled over the Korean border but as Kim Jong-un himself has called the music a 'vicious cancer', being found with it can result in severe punishments including the death penalty.

The North Korean regime cracks down on whatever they think isn't appropriate, with one of their latest targets being tight trousers and stylish haircuts.

Nothing says 'absolute banger' like a bunch of unsmiling men sat down and applauding like robots.

Apparently, the Kim regime thinks these are the signs of 'capitalist delinquents' as they consider enforcing a 'uniform' idea of fashion where everyone wears pretty much the same thing as 'directly connected to the future of the motherland'.

Also banned is stealing Kim Jong-un's own personal style as he's taken to wearing leather trench coats and stopped people from buying a coat of their own.

North Korean officials have been confiscating people's leather coats, claiming wearing one 'challenges the authority' of their dictator.

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Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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