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Frightening new species of 'sea monster' has 20 arms and looks like facehugger from Alien
Featured Image Credit: Greg Rouse

Frightening new species of 'sea monster' has 20 arms and looks like facehugger from Alien

The discovery of the new sea monster has left people mind-blown.

Scientists and other experts are making exciting new discoveries every single day, but none are likely more terrifying than this particular find.

Recently, we've seen scientists discover a new bone-eating creature after it was dropping alligators dead on the deep sea floor.

However, that particular find is rather tame compared to a new species of sea monster that has an astonishing 20 arms.

To be honest, if I told you that marine biologists found something of a real-life facehugger lurking in the frozen depths of Antarctica, you'd probably think I was having you on.

But it certainly is reality.

Truly terrifying.
McLaughlin, Wilson and Rouse

The journey to discovering the species began with a series of expeditions through the Southern Ocean between 2008 and 2017.

Experts were on the hunt for 'cryptic' sea animals known as Promachocrinus or Antarctic feathers.

Although more similar to other invertebrates, like starfish and sea cucumbers, the creatures - which sport an 'otherworldly appearance' when swimming - are 'large' in size and can live up to 6,500 feet below the water's surface.

The group impressively discovered eight totally unique species on their mission, including four which have never before been named by scientists.

One of which has been named Promachocrinus fragarius, or the Antarctic strawberry feather star.

Sounds weirdly quite pretty considering its appearance is akin to the creature from the Alien movie.

The creatures were named after their 'strawberry-like' body from which 20 spindly arms branch off.

Photos of the feather star show that the creature appears to have two different types of arms; the lower ones look slightly thinner and shorter with stripes while the others appear to be longer and feathered.

The team noted that the Antarctic strawberry feather star can also range in its coloring - from 'purplish' all the way to 'dark reddish'.

The new species was discovered as part of an expedition.
McLaughlin, Wilson and Rouse

The findings were published last month (14 July) in the peer-reviewed journal Invertebrate Systematics.

The research team for the discovery included Emily McLaughlin, Nerida Wilson and Greg Rouse who identified the Antarctic strawberry feather star as a new species based on its body shape and DNA analysis.

Understandably, the news has left quite the impression on the world with many rushing to social media to share their reactions to the incredible discovery.

One Facebook user penned: "This is terrifying."

A second joked: "It looks like the creature from the first Alien movie when it came out of its egg."

"Yeah I've seen that movie, please leave it frozen," echoed a third.

"Alien's living under the ice," claimed a fourth.

And a final Facebook user quipped: "Weirdest strawberry I've even seen."

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