New Justin Trudeau Blackface Photo Emerges On Eve Of Canadian Poll

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On the eve of Canada’s national election, a new photograph of Justin Trudeau in blackface has emerged. 

The photograph of Canadian Prime Minister, who has a history of wearing blackface, was released on Sunday by Canadian Proud.


The image, made public just prior to the Canadian Federal Election, shows the world leader in a turban and robe, with dark makeup covering his face and his tongue poking out.

Seattle, Washington: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Governor Jay Inslee to discuss issues relevant to the Pacific Northwest. Trudeau and Inslee are expected to discuss opportunities to further promote regional collaboration on trade, transportation, business development and climate action. Washington state and British Columbia are currently working together through several initiatives such as the feasibility of ultra high-speed rail from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C. Credit: Paul Gordon/Alamy Live News -Alamy

On September 19, 2019, Trudeau was outed in a clip by Global News that showed him similarly covered in dark makeup, also on his arms, raising his hands in the air laughing, sticking his tongue out and making faces.

The 2019 clip was the Liberal Party leader’s third blunder in just 24 hours as well, as a photograph had also been obtained by TIME Magazine that also showed him dressed in brownface and a turban.


The picture had been taken in 2001 when Trudeau was 29 years old and when he had been teaching at a private school. He had been attending an ‘Arabian Nights’ gala hosted by the West Point Academy in Vancouver.

Trudeau later revealed a third case of him wearing blackface, admitting to a photograph from high school while he was performing the song Day-O. 

Despite his apologies after the images and clip arose of him in 2019, and his later admittance of the high school photograph, this latest photograph has seen Trudeau come under fire once again.


Trudeau has since been branded a national embarrassment, according to MailOnlineand a ‘clown’ by internet users.

Since the latest image was exposed, the leader is now being labelled a ‘fake’ for acts such as taking the knee for Black Lives Matter and being a self-proclaimed feminist, which now just appear performative to many.

Many have also been quick to point out that the photograph exposed by TIME Magazine was taken when Trudeau was 29 years old, which is old enough to know better.

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Despite his ‘woke’ brand, the newly-surfaced image of the 49-year-old was predicted to have left him impacted in the elections.

Voting began yesterday and his opposition had already called him out for forcing the vote to take place two years prior to the deadline.

They accused him of making the elections earlier and during the pandemic for his own ‘personal ambition’, MailOnline reported.


Users took to social media to condemn the image and speak of the embarrassment they felt Trudeau has subsequently brought upon their country. One said, ‘How come he hasn’t been canceled?’

Another wrote: 

And he’ll still win despite all this. Because nothing else matters.

A third commented, ‘This is what Eastern Canada is voting for? Really?’

However, in spite of the racist image and falling short of a majority, Trudeau will remain in power as Canada’s Prime Minister.

He took to Twitter to announce his win, thanking Canada for ‘casting your vote, for putting your trust in the Liberal team, for choosing a brighter future’.

Trudeau concluded that he will ‘move Canada forward. For everyone’.

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    New photo of 'world's wokest Prime Minister' Justin Trudeau in blackface emerges on eve of Canada's national election

Poppy Bilderbeck
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