NASA Might Have Just Discovered Alien Bones On Mars

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YouTube/Martian Archaeology

Conspiracy theorists have been in a flurry of excitement after haunting pictures from NASA’s curiosity rover appear to show human-like bones decaying in the Mars dust.

Rumours began after space fans watched a new video entitled ‘Fossilized Bones, Petrified Wood, Fungus & Lichen, Growth & Movement, Life on Mars’ which appears to show white, bony like objects clustered close together, one which looks remarkably like a femur thigh bone.


The video, released by the Martian Archaeology Youtube Channel, also appears to show traces of lichen and fungi, construed by some as being further evidence that there was once intelligent life on the red planet.

The video itself is made up of images taken by NASA’s curiosity rover and is set to a creepy, ethereal soundtrack. Many UFO watchers are now convinced that NASA knows much more than they are letting on.

Although it has been confirmed that there is currently no life on Mars, this hasn’t stopped space fans from speculating about a potential species which has now been wiped out.

Could these images show the remains of a population wiped out by a terrible natural, or even self-inflicted, disaster?

YouTube/Martian Archaeology

At the end of the footage, the video creator gives the following statement:

No bones about it! Seen by Mars rover Curiosity using its MastCam, this Mars Rock may look like a femur thigh bone. Mission science team members think its shape is likely sculpted by erosion, either wind or water.

If life ever existed on Mars, scientists expect that it would be small, simple life forms called microbes.  Mars likely never had enough oxygen in its atmosphere and elsewhere to support more complex organisms. Thus, large fossils are not likely.

However, some earthlings have yet to be convinced. After all, how can humans even begin to comprehend what the skeletal structure of a Martian would look like?


You can make your own mind up by watching the following video:

Okay, perhaps this isn’t quite the same as finding home footage of E.T. However, this video, which shows a desolate and mysterious world, is a striking watch and has certainly captured quite a few earth dwellers’ imaginations.

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Martian Archaelogy
  1. Martian Archaelogy

    Fossilized Bones, Petrified Wood, Fungus & Lichen, Growth & Movement, Life on Mars

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