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Man Who Grew Up In Mormon Cult Shares His Favourite Conspiracies And They’re Wild
Featured Image Credit: TikTok

Man Who Grew Up In Mormon Cult Shares His Favourite Conspiracies And They’re Wild

TikToker Benjamin Brown has shared his favourite Mormon conspiracy theories and they're wild.

Benjamin Brown, who grew up on a Mormon polygamist compound, has shared the conspiracy theories he grew up being taught.

Brown, who is currently performing as a stand-up comic, has taken to TikTok to share conspiracy theories he was taught during his time on the polygamist compound.

Brown's 'favourite' Mormon conspiracy theories range from a 'tale of two governments' to one about Cain from the Bible story being a really hairy guy who can't die. Yep, you're in for a wild ride.

Kicking things off with his 'favourite' conspiracy, Brown tells fans of one theory he grew up 'believing was literally true'.

This conspiracy, Brown notes, was recounted from Latter-day Saints prophet Spencer Kimball in the 1970s.

According to Brown, Kimball retold of an earlier story about David Patten, from the 1800s, who was considered an apostle by the LDS church.

The story details how Patten was riding on a mule when he came across 'a strange personage'.

This figure was said to be really tall, 'naked' but also 'covered in hair'. We know what you're thinking: Bigfoot?

Well, just wait until the end of the story.

Bigfoot, or Cain, depending on your world views.

Patten states that this 'strange' figure he saw was actually Cain, from the Cain and Abel story.

And, according to Patten, after killing his brother, Cain was 'cursed' and couldn't die, so he wandered the Earth aimlessly until he took up a mission 'to destroy the souls of men'.

Some people enjoy gardening, but OK.

Patten, learning of this and being a good LDS apostle, naturally rebuked the mysterious man in the name of Jesus Christ and sent him on his way.

However, according to Brown, Cain turning up to random LDS apostles wasn't the wild conspiracy here, apparently that's just 'Mormon folklore'.

The wild part is yet to come and if you guessed Bigfoot from the description earlier, you weren't far off what Brown was taught.

"Let's think about this guys, big dude, hairy, walking around in the middle of nowhere? Cain is Bigfoot," Brown reveals.

Yep. Brown's favourite Mormon conspiracy is that Cain is actually Bigfoot and honestly it might be the best one we've heard for a while.

The theories don't stop there though, in another video Brown recounts a 'tale of two governments'.

This conspiracy, which Brown says was adopted by his family, tells of how the founding fathers' government in America was secretly replaced 200 years ago by an identical copy.

Brown was taught that under this copycat government, citizens have actually been under martial law.

Don't worry though because, according to the conspiracy, the real government lay in wait to take over once again.

Fine, but how do you tell the difference between the two identical governments, I hear you ask? According to Brown, the actual US government will use a lowercase 'u' for United States.

Yep, so anytime you see the capital 'U', according to the conspiracy, that's the fake one.

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