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Man wins $10 million after letting cashier pick out scratch card ticket
Featured Image Credit: Brandon Bell/Getty Images/California Lottery

Man wins $10 million after letting cashier pick out scratch card ticket

One man was very lucky indeed and received $10 million after his cashier picked out a winning ticket.

One incredibly lucky man won $10 million after his cashier picked out his winning scratch card ticket.

Brent Young is now a very rich man after letting a cashier pick out his ticket, which happened to have a whopping $10 million behind it.

He purchased the ticket from Prince Food and Gas on West Walnut Avenue in Visalia, California.

It was a California 200X, where up to his winnings can be won, and it just so happens that it was for sure, Brent’s lucky day.

He didn't know which ticket would give him the best chances of winning, so after feeling indecisive for a split moment, he let the cashier pick his ticket out, costing him $30.

He told Fox 11 that halfway through scratching the card, he could see that one of his numbers matched the winning ones… and it only got better from there!

He said: “When I saw all those zeros, I was like, 'No way, this doesn't happen to people like me.' It's crazy.

“Out of all those options, the clerk could have picked a different game, but he didn't. He grabbed the winner."

And his stroke of luck was as a result of switching up the gas station he visited, as his regular was closed on that particular day.

Talk about blessings in disguise.

He was in disbelief when he saw the win, but was thankful that he chose a different place to fill up his tank that day.

"When I saw all those zeros, I was like, 'No way.'"
Alexander Grey on Unsplash

He continued: “It's almost like God's intervention. I didn't have a specific ticket I was going to buy, so I let someone else decide.

“I had no choice but to go to Prince's. My usual stop was closed. If it had been open, none of this probably would have happened."

However, after federal taxes, Brent has chosen to take a lump sum of $5.8 million, and has gifted $50K to the clerk who chose the winning ticket.

Considering he’s just made you a multi-millionaire, it’s only the right thing to do!

Not sure how we would feel about winning $10 million and only keeping half though!

According to USA Today Money, the chances of winning the maximum amount like Brent, is one in every 3,041,187.

However, the chances of winning at all on that specific card, the California 200X, are pretty high with a one in 2.71 chance.

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