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Mom is fuming after paying $4,500 for Taylor Swift tickets for her daughter who ended up taking her friend

Mom is fuming after paying $4,500 for Taylor Swift tickets for her daughter who ended up taking her friend

She's so devastated by the betrayal that she now wants to ask her child for the money back.

A mom has opened up about the bitter betrayal she faced after gifting her daughter what she thought was going to be an epic birthday's present.

The woman known only as Susan called into the Country Mornings with Ayla Brown radio show to discuss how she forked out $4,500 for tickets to see Taylor Swift.

The semi-selfless gift was for her daughter's 19th birthday and she was hoping to be taken along for the ride.

“I really wanted to go big [for her birthday],” she explained.

“I mean, she’s turning 19. Like, we’re getting closer as friends, not just mother-daughter. So I gave them to her.”

When her daughter opened the gift, they were both screaming with excitement.

"You know, I thought I was going to go,” she recalled.

“I thought she was going to invite me."

The thought of see Taylor in her Eras Tour was understandably something to be stoked about as they would witness the singer belt out bangers from each one of her albums.

However, it wasn't meant to be.

Susan eventually found out her child wanted to take her best friend instead of her mom.

“God, I was so hurt. I was so hurt,” she said to Ayla Brown.

But things really escalated when the daughter asked Susan to drive her and her mate to the concert.

“She has the audacity that day to say, ‘Hey, Mom, can you drive Casey and me to the show?’ ” she said.

Susan told her daughter: “You know, I have my own friend, and I’m going to go do stuff with her. And you two have a great time."

The fight caused Susan's daughter to be 'kind of upset' but not in comparison to the mom's heartache at not being taken to the concert.

But things got even more heated when Susan's daughter asked her to compensate her for taking an Uber to the concert and back.

According to the 19-year-old, it was a hefty $200 each way.

Sounds like a scam is brewing.

But Susan hit back.

She explained on the radio show: “Here’s the thing. I’m thinking about asking her to pay me back the $4,500.

"So, I just don’t know what to do. I’m really upset, but am I a bad mom?”

The radio show put up a poll to see what the listeners would do in her situation and the majority sided with Susan in thinking the daughter should have taken her instead of her friend.

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