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Military Museum Begs Guests To Stop Having Sex After Catching Couples On CCTV
Featured Image Credit: @fortgerharda/Facebook

Military Museum Begs Guests To Stop Having Sex After Catching Couples On CCTV

Fort Gerhard in Poland has begged visitors to control their urges while on site

A military museum in Poland has put out a plea for people to stop having sex there after they caught a number of couples doing the deed on CCTV.

Obviously, the world is full of many and varied creatures, and everyone is into something, but – come on – who has seriously getting their kicks in a Polish military museum?

Even if that is something you’re into – no shame here – you could at least wait until later to engage with it in the privacy of your own home.

Still, the Fort Gerhard museum in Świnoujście, Poland, has had to politely request that people stop shagging in the darkened corners of their 19th century Prussian fortress.

The museum holds many military artefacts.
Fort Gerhard/Facebook

Apparently, ‘three lovers engaged in trysts’ have been captured on camera over the past month alone.

On their social media accounts, the fort stated: "Our guests are kindly requested… how can we put it… no ars amandi [the art of love] in the museum, please!”

At least they seem to have a bit of a sense of humour about the whole thing, as they continued: "We ask our amorous guests to be understanding – most of the exhibits in our museum are from many years ago and accustomed to entirely different moral norms – conservative, even orthodox and abstemious.

“Let's not expose them to discomfort!"

To be fair to them, it is quite funny.

The darkened corners of the museum could be a factor.
Fort Gerhard/Facebook

However, it must be quite annoying, particularly if there’s any – let’s say – extra cleaning up to be done afterwards.

On the website for the museum, set in a lovely Polish coastal town, the exhibits are described as ranging from ‘the times of Frederick the Great to the end of the Cold War’.

Piotr Piwowarczyk, the director of the museum, told local media: "In less than a month we have already had three recordings of lovers engaged in trysts.

"Visitors to the fort have various temperaments, some of them very conservative.

“We don't want them to be shocked during their visit by stumbling across a couple engaged in lustful antics."

He added that some people might be drawn to the darkened corners and nooks and crannies within the museum’s historical walls.

What’s more, they probably weren’t aware that there were cameras trained on them the whole time either.

Or – as a counterargument – maybe they were absolutely aware of that.

Some of the lovers were captured on CCTV.
Fort Gerhard/Facebook

In the end, the director suggested that anyone who simply can’t control their amorous urges should head down to the beach.

However, there’s a warning here.

Sex in public is illegal in Poland, and there’s a fine that amounts to 1,500 zloty – which is about $322 or £250 – for anyone caught in the act.

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