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McDonald's customer calls 911 over cold fries and ends up arrested after police find he's wanted for murder

McDonald's customer calls 911 over cold fries and ends up arrested after police find he's wanted for murder

The unhappy customer was arrested as it was discovered he was wanted for murder

An upset McDonald's customer who rang 911 over cold fries has been arrested after it was discovered he was wanted for suspected murder.

In bodycam footage obtained by an officer present at the scene, the police were seen arriving at the restaurant in Kennesaw, Georgia, US, on 8 August before approaching the unhappy customer.

The customer was immediately keeping his distance from the officers, while asking them if he was under arrest when they asked him to sign a document. The suspect then slowly walked away from the police, telling officers he was scared of them.

This then resulted in a chase around the car park of the McDonald's, with the police officer equipped with the bodycam falling to the ground before eventually catching up to the suspect, who was ultimately tasered and taken into custody.

Take a look at the bodycam footage below:

The suspect is known as 24-year-old Antoine Sims, who was actually wanted for missing a court date back in 2018 where he and two others are accused of setting fire to a car with a woman's body inside.

This is according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who say the incident happened after a botched drug deal led to a gunfight.

Sims was reportedly asked to leave the McDonald's restaurant and never return after complaining to staff about the cold fries.

Apparently, the suspect did not have a receipt so did not know his order number. Upon receiving his food, Sims was unhappy with the 'luke-warm' fries and started hurling abuse at staff. Subsequently, the restaurant manager also rang the police alongside Sims.

Despite not being seen in the video, the Journal-Constitution reports the suspect tried to break into a third-story apartment building before he fled.

Police also found 31 grams of marijuana in Sims' fiancée's car, and the hungry suspect was charged with with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute.

Police tasered the suspect to help with the arrest.

Sims was charged with murder of the woman after she allegedly went along with two men to an apartment to buy drugs from him in 2018.

David Buchanan, Public information Officer at City of Kennesaw told Fox News: "It’s very unusual that someone, knowing he is wanted by police, would call the police, but Mr. Sims did that."

Considering Sims was wanted by the police for murder, it is surprising a 911 call for some cold fries was even considered...

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Featured Image Credit: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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