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Mattel is looking for a 'Chief UNO Player' who will earn nearly $18,000 for a month of work
Featured Image Credit: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images. Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Mattel is looking for a 'Chief UNO Player' who will earn nearly $18,000 for a month of work

You only have to work four hours a day to get the cash.

Mattel is currently scouting for its first ever ‘Chief UNO Player’ and offering almost $18,000 for a month of work.

Well, slap me silly and just call me the Queen’s Gambit of UNO. Where do I sign up?

The famous toy company is looking for a new person to spearhead its new UNO Quatro game.

And there’s a huge financial incentive.

Yoon S. Byun/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The job will require only four - four?! - hours of work per day, four days a week for four consecutive weeks and will pay $4,444 (£3,482) each week.

That means the lucky person will end up walking away with a total of $17,776 (£13,926).

I mean, not too shabby for only a couple of weeks' worth of work?

UNO’s website reads: “We’re looking for someone who’s just as passionate about throwing down a Draw 4 as they are engaging strangers in a game.

"Someone who knows how to play a reverse and likes to get WILD (in a nice-ish way). Is that you?”

But of course, there’s some prerequisites you have to adhere to before you start applying.

First of all, you must be located in New York and available to work four days a week.

Secondly, you must be available for four consecutive weeks in September.

The job ad also lists that you must be comfortable with interviews and appearances and play live streams of UNO Quatro games with brand creators.

Also, you must be over the age of 18 to qualify and be a US resident.

So all you youngens out there, you might have to sit with one out.

Aside from the launch of UNO Quatro, Mattel has huge plans in store for the beloved card game.

Following the success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, the company is currently working on an UNO movie.

But it's not just the card game getting the big-screen treatment.

Robbie Brenner, the Oscar-nominated producer who runs Mattel Films, told Variety that a Polly Pocket movie was in the works, as well as a film about Hot Wheels, American Girl, and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, which will star Vin Diesel and be distributed by Universal Pictures.

He added that the Mattel Cinematic Universe is well underway.

“Everybody hopes that when you create a movie that there is going to be a franchise," he told the outlet.

“That’s the hope — that it goes on and on and it’s a gift that keeps giving. But, in this day and age, you just want to get the first one right.”

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