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Unbelievable video shows martial arts master setting world record for fastest gun disarm

Unbelievable video shows martial arts master setting world record for fastest gun disarm

Definitely do not try this yourself

An incredible video shows a martial artist setting the record for the world's fastest gun disarm.

Needless to say, please don't try this at home or if you're ever in a threatening situation.

Unless you're an expert martial artist and know the rules to be safe.

Martial artist Victor Marx is the current world record holder of the quickest disarm - with him taking possession of the gun and emptying the magazine in just 0.8 seconds.

That's pretty damn quick.

In one clip, the martial artist also manages to disarm not one but two people, grabbing a gun being held in front of him and grappling with someone behind.

According to, there are actual rules which have been laid out in order for a disarm to count as successful.

The first of these seems pretty sensible, and it's that a fake or replica gun must be used in the attempt.

Makes sense.

Secondly, hand must start from waist level at the beginning of the attempt.

So no coming on guard or hands behind your head or anything like that.

Victor Marx demonstrating a disarm.
YouTube / Victor Marx

The replica gun must also be pointed at the person's face.

The timer starts when the record setter holds the armed person's gun.

I must admit if the timer starts when the hands are on the gun, it seems a bit irrelevant where your hands start from, but rules are rules.

The timer then ends when the record setter is pointing the replica at the initially armed person.

Lastly, you have to film it for evidence, which makes sense.

So to clarify, you start with your hands by your side and the gun pointed at your face.

You grab the gun, the timer starts, you get control of it, take out the magazine, and point it at the other person, and the timer ends.

In another attempt, he disarmed two people.
YouTube / Victor Marx

Pretty impressive to do all that in just 0.8 seconds.

But Victor Marx has a pretty impressive background, with a 7th degree black belt in Keichu-Do as well as a 7th degree black belt in jiu-jitsu. He is also a 'weapons expert', according to his website.

And commenters on YouTube have also expressed how impressed they are with the feat, as well as offering some humorous replies.

One said: "At first I was like that’s a weird way to hold a gun after taking it then I realised he took the mag out as well and I was just like How the hell!?"

Another wrote: "Holy molie, Victor!! Couldn't even see your hands move, and then, snap, you've got the weapon."

And a third said: "This is amazing."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Victor Marx

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