Marjorie Taylor Greene Urged Americans To ‘Flood’ Capitol And Be Violent ‘If We Have To’

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Urged Americans To 'Flood' Capitol And Be Violent 'If We Have To'z3dster/Twitter

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene urged Trump supporters to ‘flood the Capitol Building’ and said Democratic leaders should be ‘cowering in fear’ in a 90-minute rant posted to social media last year.

The video, which was recently unearthed on Twitter, was posted in February 2019, shortly before Greene announced that she would be running in the 2020 Congressional elections, and shows the now-Congresswoman railing against the US government and Democrats in particular.

The video was reportedly posted prior to a ‘Fund the Wall’ march organised by Greene, with support from a far-right militia group called the American Defence Force. It shows Greene encouraging supporters to rise up against ‘tyrannical’ leaders and to be ready to use violence if they didn’t get their way through peaceful means.

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She said:

All of us together, when we rise up, we can end all of this. We can end it… we can do it peacefully. We can. I hope we don’t have to do it the other way. I hope not. But we should feel like we will if we have to. Because we are the American people.

Before running for Congress, Greene had built up a relatively large following as a result of her support for the QAnon conspiracy theory and other right-wing movements. The video shows Greene using the kind of rhetoric that has typically been associated with far-right campaigners, including describing Democrats as ‘communist traitors and Islamist lovers’ and telling supporters to fight against an ‘out-of-control, tyrannical, insane’ federal government, Salon reports.

‘They are nothing, and they should fear us… They should be cowering in fear,’ she said, encouraging those attending the march to try and occupy government buildings including the Capitol.

‘If we have a sea of people, if we shut down the streets, if we shut down everything. If we flood the Capitol Building. Go inside. These are public buildings. We own them. We own these buildings. Do you understand that? We own the buildings and we pay all the people that work in the buildings.’

Although recorded almost a year prior to last month’s Capitol riots, the video is the latest in a growing number of examples of Greene expressing support for >violence against US lawmakers, including one incident where she was found to have liked a Facebook post suggesting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi deserved ‘a bullet to the head.’

Several members of Congress have publicly said Greene’s presence in Congress has led them to fear for their own safety, with Pelosi telling reporters that ‘the enemy is within the House of Representatives’.

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  1. Salon

    In 2019, Marjorie Taylor Greene told protesters to "flood the Capitol," feel free to use violence

Hannah Smith
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