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Police offer $1 million reward to help solve 20-year-old murder mystery

Police offer $1 million reward to help solve 20-year-old murder mystery

The mum of three was found dead in her home 20 years ago.

Police are offering a $1 million reward for information on a murder case that has remained unsolved for almost two decades.

Mother-of-three, Marea Yann, was found dead inside her home in Healesville, Victoria on September 30, 2003, when a gardener came by the house to do some work.

She was found sitting upright in an armchair in the lounge room of her home with extensive injuries to her head and upper body.

Marea Yann's murder case remains unsolved two decades later.
Victoria Police

It is believed that Yann was killed the night before, some time after she had phoned her daughter just after 8pm.

She was found dressed in a red sweater, black trousers, and a pair of slip on shoes.

The television had been left playing all night, and there appeared to be no signs of forced entry when detectives investigated.

Although her purse was found on the floor, it didn't look as though anything had been stolen from her home.

In 2006, a 46-year-old man known to Yann was arrested and charged in relation to her death, but was acquitted at trial two years later.

Ever since, Yann's murder has been a cold case.

Now, just under 20 years later, police are offering a seven figure reward to anyone who might come forward with information.

Speaking at a press conference, Detective Superintendent Jane Stevenson said that perhaps the big financial payout would be enough to encourage someone to come forward.

"I know the family are anxious to have this closed," she said.

Yann's son Jeff, his daughters Bella and Esther, and nephew Milan were also present at the press conference.

Yann was found dead in her home in September 2003.
Victoria Police

Jeff told reporters: "Mum was the quintessential loving mother, nonna, and friend. Mum was a shining light in the community working tirelessly for the op shop and charities.

"She was taken from in such a brutal, violent manner that we could never let this thing go. Mum deserves justice, she never had justice 20 years ago."

He added that he hopes the $1 million reward would be enough of an 'incentive' for someone in the public who might have felt too 'timid' to come forward before.

Esther told press that she and her family haven't been able to 'fully heal' with the horrific case remaining unsolved.

"Bella and I for example, that’s most of our life that we’ve been living a nightmare and it reflects every day. Grief is hard when you have no resolve," she said.

And her sister Bella added that all of her memories of her grandmother are now tainted with the memory of her brutal murder.

Photos from the crime scene have been released.
Victoria Police

"I don't think about my relationship and Christmas, I think, 'my nonna is murdered', and... this person's still around," she said almost through tears.

"And that's my experience of my grandmother and that's not fair. It's not fair for my family. Maybe eventually we'll think about nonna and not the murder."

To help assist the members of the public who think they might know something, Victoria Police have released photos from the crime scene.

Police are asking anyone with information on Marea Yann's death to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report it anonymously to

Featured Image Credit: Victoria Police

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