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Woman Discovers Man She Thought Was Her Father Had Actually Killed Her Real Dad

Woman Discovers Man She Thought Was Her Father Had Actually Killed Her Real Dad

For decades she had believed her mother's husband was her true dad

A woman in Turkey sued the man she knew as 'dad' after learning he had murdered her real father.

The daughter, from Ula, Mugla province - named only as Berrin N in local media - was shocked to learn the truth during a family row.

For decades, she had believed her mum's husband - named only as Mahir A. - had been her true, biological dad.

It was only when her half-sister blurted it out in a row that she realised her mother's lover, Mustafa Uyanik, was her biological dad - and he had been killed by Mahir A.

She only found out about her actual dad's murder four decades later.

Berrin, 49, sued Mahir for 'denial of lineage' and a DNA test ordered by the court found they were unrelated.

Her mum, Fatma A., died some years ago, taking her secret with her to the grave.

According to local media, Berrin was raised by Mahir as his own daughter until he became suspicious that Fatma was having an affair and started to follow her.

When he caught her in the act with Mustafa in a field in their village, which resulted in him killing Mustafa. He tried but failed to kill Fatma too.

Berrin was nine years old at the time, and Mahir was jailed for the killing.

It was only last year that Berrin learnt from her older sister that she was not Mahir's biological daughter.

It is not clear when or how her sister discovered Berrin's true paternity, but she dropped the bombshell during an argument between the pair over Mahir's estate.

The truth came out in an argument.

Last year, a woman revealed that she found out the man she was dating was actually her cousin after taking a DNA test.

In a video posted on TikTok, the woman - who goes by the username @mattilathehun - challenged her followers to 'imagine a more white person in Saskatchewan scenario'.

"For my birthday last year, my ex got me one of those DNA test kits," she recalled, explaining that her mum is adopted and she doesn't have a relationship with her biological father.

"So I was mostly interested in the health information, to see if there was anything to watch out for."

She added that her boyfriend at the time also got himself one, as they were on sale.

She continued: "So we got the results back a month later and I was looking through the list of relatives and I turned to my boyfriend, and I said 'Hey this is pretty nifty, I'm related to someone who has the same name as you.'

"And that’s how I found out I was dating my cousin."

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