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Man Who Built 'Dream' Cabin By Hand Might Have To Tear It To The Ground

Man Who Built 'Dream' Cabin By Hand Might Have To Tear It To The Ground

YouTuber Matty Clarke built a log cabin in the Yukon wilderness in 2020

YouTuber Matty Clarke, who documented building his dream cabin, may now be forced to tear it to the ground after he is reportedly being sued for illegal squatting.

The government of Yukon in Canada sued Clarke last week for illegally settling on public land.

Via a series of six YouTube videos, the content creator shared his journey with fans in a series called 'Building Off Grid Log Cabin: Alone in the Yukon'.

However, the territorial lawsuit was filed to the Yukon Supreme Court where it was claimed that Clarke had 'not provided evidence of any authority to occupy the site', CBC reports.

"Mr. Clarke has been notified by Yukon government officials that his occupation of the Site is unlawful and that he must vacate, remove all structures and personal property, and remediate the site," reads the petition.

"Even if Mr. Clarke had honestly and properly staked the Claim, doing so did not give Mr. Clarke authority under the [Placer Mining Act] or any other Yukon legislation to construct a cabin at the Site for his permanent residence."

Skote outdoors/YouTube

However, Clarke argues that 'the cabin itself' is sufficient proof of his right to live there.

He wrote to lands manager Brenda Sproule: "This isn't just a cabin and this isn't just a file on your computer, this is my life and my home.

"I feel so connected with my house and my natural surroundings both emotionally and spiritually. I do not look at myself as a trespasser but a guardian or steward of the land."

Sproule wrote back to the YouTuber: "I acknowledge that this is a hardship for you, however the law clearly sets out the consequences of occupying territorial lands without authority."

Skote outdoors/YouTube

In a video posted 15 August, Clarke said: "It's not all unicorns and rainbows out here. This is real life. And I had my own personal struggles, doing all this."

The government's petition has not yet been heard in court, and Clarke had not yet filed a response, the publication reports.

A court order is reportedly being sought to force Clarke to leave the site at Ensley Creek. An injunction is also being requested to prohibit Clarke from occupying any territorial land 'without first obtaining lawful authority'.

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