Man Throws Fridge Off Cliff And Police Make Him Drag It Back Up As Punishment


Man Throws Fridge Off Cliff And Police Make Him Drag It Back Up As Punishment@AUGC_Comunica/Twitter

Spanish Police have proved that karma always comes back around, by forcing a man who threw a fridge off a cliff to carry it back up himself.

The Guardia Civil managed to identify a man who was filmed joking about ‘recycling’ the refrigerator and could now charge him for a possible ‘environmental crime.’


However, the man clearly didn’t think there would be any consequences to his fly-tipping as the full video revealed his vehicle’s full license plate number on full display.

Meanwhile, the person behind the camera and the man can be heard joking ‘let’s recycle it’ while debating ‘how many flips it can do’ as the fridge falls at rapid speed.

Another video shared on social media showed a man showing a washing machine down a hillside in the same area of Spain.


The Guardia Civil confirmed both incidents were under investigation, as well as the man’s employer – a domestic appliance distribution firm – after they failed to prove they were disposing of appliances using an authorised agent.

Around 50 washing machines were reportedly found stored in the outer courtyard of a warehouse amid dry vegetation, according to a press release from police.

Now, a video has been released by police showing the two men struggling to drag the appliance up from the bottom of the ravine in the southern province of Almeria.


Check it out below:


A court will now decide whether the man who threw the fridge will face an administrative fine or a bigger fine under the penal code for an environmental crime, Luis González, a Guardia Civil spokesman, told CNN.

Anyone caught fly-tipping in Spain could face a fine of up to €1,500 for leaving rubbish in the wrong place.


Just like in the UK, residents in Spain pay taxes to cover the cost of refuse collection, which is known as a ‘Basura’ and is paid annually to an agency called SUMA.

Man Throws Fridge Off Cliff And Police Make Him Drag It Back Up As Punishment@AUGC_Comunica/Twitter

Under Spanish law, there’s no definition of organised environmental crime, however the European country resorted to using criminal law to protect the environment after following guidance from the European Union in 2008.

The Spanish police have delivered the message that you will be held responsible for your actions, and you will be made to deal with the consequences, quite perfectly.


And let’s face it, it was pretty satisfying to watch the men struggle to carry the consequences of their actions.

Bravo, Guardia Civil.

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