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Man launches furious rant over 'absurd' yearly fee to renew car registration

Man launches furious rant over 'absurd' yearly fee to renew car registration

He wasn't happy about having to pay yearly to let them know he still had a car

A man has launched into a furious rant at having to pay an annual fee to register a car he already owns and has had registered before.

There are all sorts of extra payments and costs in life, which can be frustrating, not least because of all the times you spend money on a service and wonder what you're actually getting.

TikToker Stephen Rigatoni was at the end of his tether when it came to having his vehicle registered and wondered why he even needed to pay at all.

In a rant that will likely echo the thoughts of motorists everywhere, he asked why on earth he should have to keep paying year on year when his situation hadn't changed.

The Californian explained how it really 'p****s me off' and wanted to know what he was doing that cost so much darn money each year.

He didn't know why he was expected to pay so much each year when nothing had changed.

The disgruntled motorist had plainly had enough of paying the fees and took to TikTok to vent his frustrations.

He said: "Nothing on this planet p****s me off more than when I have to pay an absurd amount of money for stuff that shouldn't even cost that much money, if any.

"For example, I just got my vehicle registration form in the mail. Why do I have to pay to get my vehicle re-registered every year? Specifically $336 before July second 2023?"

"Why do I have to pay $336 to let you know that my car still exists and I'm still operating it. Can't you see it?"

That wasn't the end of his rant, no siree, he went through all of the fees which added up to his final bill and interrogated each and every one of them.

Ending the rant with 'I hate you, I hate you so much and I'm angry' pretty much summed up the guy's feelings.

"Let's read these off. Registration fee, $157, I'm not signing up for summer camp," He said, with plenty more fees soon to be the focus of his ire.

"License fee, $143, I already have my license so why am I paying you to remind you that I have it? County district fees, $11. $11 just to say 'hey don't forget I live in the state of California' as if I don't spend enough to live here already."

"Smog abatement fee, what's that? What is happening here you guys, I don't got $336, I didn't budget for this and now you're giving me a month in advance to be like 'by the way, cough it up'."

"I hate you, I hate you so much and I'm angry."

That's quite a way to end a rant.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@stephenrigatoni

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