Man Plays Trumpet Into Random Substances And The Results Are Bizarre

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Man Plays Trumpet Into Random Substances And The Results Are Bizarre

Featured Image Credit: @sammyhaigmusic/TikTok

Ask anyone who plays an instrument why they started with that particular instrument, and you'll likely hear all sorts of different answers.

It might be passed down from a parent, inspired by a beloved celebrity or just something they decided to pick up one day, but chances are the response will never be 'because I wanted to see what happened when I played it into different things'.

Admittedly, I'm sure that's not why musician Sammy Haig got into playing the trumpet, but now here he is on TikTok, with more than 60,000 followers and a hobby of blasting his trumpet into various substances.

Check it out below:


Haig posted his first video on the platform last year and has since gone on to demonstrate how a number of different songs would sound on the trumpet, as well as how the trumpet sounds when partially obstructed by weird objects, like mayonnaise.

The latter trend appears to have been inspired by a technique Haig learned in college, which involved him blowing his trumpet into a bucket full of water to see whether there were consistent bubbles. If so, it apparently indicated that his air flow was steady.

From there he went on to test out jelly (or jell-o, if you prefer), chocolate pudding, 'bubble soap' and oobleck – the material you probably tested out in primary school, which is hard when you punch it but soft when you apply light pressure.

Playing the trumpet into pudding (@sammyhaigmusic/TikTok)
Playing the trumpet into pudding (@sammyhaigmusic/TikTok)

Haig makes sure to let viewers know whether or not the material reacts as he expects it to, with the increase in bubbles appearing in the soap being 'exactly' what he thought might happen, while the stubborn rippling of the jelly took him by surprise.

When it came to the oobleck, Haig admitted he didn't know what to expect, but learned that blasting air through the instrument and into the gooey substance resulted in a few bubbles and a very messy trumpet.

The entire process is undoubtedly slightly confusing, but I suppose Haig is doing us all a service by experimenting with what the trumpet sounds like in each different substance. I can't say I'd ever wondered before now, but at least those who did now have their answer.

One TikToker has praised Haig for having the 'best videos', while others have put in their own requests for videos including mustard, milk and cottage cheese. It's certainly not a clean pastime, but at least it's making people happy.

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Emily Brown
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