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Man Asks If He's Overreacting To Coworker's 'Prank' On Him

Man Asks If He's Overreacting To Coworker's 'Prank' On Him

The man took asked Reddit for their opinion

A man has asked his fellow Redditors if he's 'overreacting' to his coworkers' prank on him.

We've all been there when yourself or one of your mates has perhaps ever-so-slightly overstepped the mark with a joke or prank.

However, a man on Reddit has gone viral for questioning whether things were taken too far.

He decided to share an image of a big sticker on the window of his car, which read: "The owner of this car is a sex offender."

u/B_8IGHT 8/Reddit

I mean, it really does all depend on your sense of humour and how you joke around with pals, but the fact he felt the need to post an image on Reddit suggests that he's unsure what to make of it.

If one thing is for certain, Redditors will certainly not hold back in their opinions.

One user wrote: "That’s a great way to get your tires slashed edit this was misinterpreted lol, what I meant was that someone is gonna take that sticker seriously and vandalize the car. I am not a tire slasher."

Another added: "Just my thought. Someone who maybe was a victim in the past might get in, ahem, a 'bad mood' seeing this sticker and do whatever to the car or the driver.

"I'm all for pranks, but that one, while funny in a twisted way, can easily backfire badly."

A third also thought: "This isn’t cool. There are people out there that will tear your vehicle up, wait to bash your face in, vandalize your home…. No you aren’t over reacting."


While a fourth commented: "It's also how rumours are started. Someone might only hear half a conversation and before you know it people actually think he's a sex offender."

Someone else added: "With as angry and volatile as so many people are these days, he actually could have endangered you."

Another echoed: "(As others pointed out) considering what could potentially happen if the 'wrong' people see it, you're rather underreacting, I'd be livid.

"Beside that – imo putting stickers on other people's car without permission is unacceptable on its own."

Many continued to suggest that their co-workers had 'vandalised' his car and he should report the incident to HR.

"Honestly if this happened at my work I'd be going straight to HR," another used commented.

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