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Man hasn’t put his arm down for 10 years
Featured Image Credit: globalsweet/Reddit

Man hasn’t put his arm down for 10 years

The man from India says he's honouring God

A guy from India hasn't put his arm down for 10 years, in honour to his God.

To make the lord to notice him, the man says he plans on keeping his arm up for his entire life.

He must have been a nightmare for his teachers in school.

Watch below:

Anyway, the man from an unknown part of India claims that his raised arm isn't an issue, even when he sleeps.

When asked if he 'notices it anymore', he simply replies 'no' and that he uses his other arm to carry out his normal tasks.

He claims that his raised arm is completely 'senseless' and it just so happens to stay up there naturally.

However, he also admits there is no strength, whatsoever, in his raised arm.


The clip above went viral on Reddit and people can't help but make their voices heard in the comments.

One person thought: "The whole point of this is that he has an excuse to avoid doing anything at all."

Someone else quipped: "Yet he's always the first to volunteer."

Others showed admiration for the God fearing man, and commented: "But to even make it that long. I couldn’t keep mine up an hour, even if you paid me."

"Must have been really difficult at the start though goddamn," another added.

Another person joked: "My shoulder gets tired when I brush my teeth."


Well, if you think that's impressive, a man named Amar Bharati has been raising his hand for more than 45 years, and doesn’t plan to lower it any time soon. 

While working at a bank in India the husband and father to three kids, all of a sudden, opted for a drastic lifestyle change - to dedicate his entire life to Shiva, a Hindu deity.

In order to truly serve his religious beliefs, he came up with an idea: he’d raise his hand and never lower it.

"I don’t ask for much. Why do we fight between us, why is there so much hate and enmity between us? I want all Indians to live in peace. I want the whole world to live in peace," he said.

If he attempts to lower his arm it could cause permanent nerve damage and loss of circulation.

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