Controversial US Politician Claims Jesus Could Have Stopped His Crucifixion If He Had An AR-15

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Controversial US Politician Claims Jesus Could Have Stopped His Crucifixion If He Had An AR-15

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US politician Lauren Boebert reckons Jesus' last days would have been very different if the Son of God was packing heat.

And yes, you did read that correctly.

Speaking at the Charis Christian Centre in Colorado Springs on Saturday (June 11), the Republican congresswoman and gun rights activist leapt to the defence of the semi-automatic weapon and the bad rap it has been getting lately because of all of those mass shootings.

She took aim at 'little Twitter trolls' who she said like to point out that Jesus didn't need to rely on guns to share his message.

"They like to say, 'Ah, Jesus didn’t need an AR-15! How many AR-15s do you think Jesus woulda had?'," Boebert told those at the Family Camp Meeting event.

She then joked: "Well, he didn’t have enough to keep his government from killing him, so…"

Seemingly ignoring the little detail that Jesus died for the sins of the world to save us from eternal damnation, the crowd laughed.

If that wasn't enough, she then prayed for the death of US President Joe Biden.

"I do want you to know I pray for our president," Boebert told the supposedly Christian crowd.

"Psalm 109:8 says, 'May his days be few and another take his office'."

So much for love thy neighbour. Maybe they skipped that part to go buy more guns.

This isn't the first time Boebert has taken aim at the US President.

She lashed out at Biden back in April after he called for tighter gun control in the US.

"The Second Amendment is absolute. Anyone who says otherwise is a tyrant," Boebert wrote on Twitter at the time.

Her words came after a mass shooter slaughtered five people in Bryan, Texas.

And it seems recent mass shootings have had no impact on her gun-toting opinions, despite the deaths of 19 children and two teachers in Uvalde last month.

Or the Buffalo supermarket shooting that saw 10 black people killed and three others injured in an allegedly racially-motivated attack.

If Boebert still isn’t ringing any bells, you may remember her from a very full-on family portrait she shared online just before Christmas.

She posted a photo of herself and her four children holding rifles in a show of support for US Congressman Thomas Massie, who had shared a similar picture to widespread backlash.

She has also previously suggested that people should be required to wait until they are 21 before making decisions about their sexuality or gender identity.

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