Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Gives Veteran’s Day Shout Out And Encourages Courtroom Clap Which Could Influence Case

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Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Gives Veteran’s Day Shout Out And Encourages Courtroom Clap Which Could Influence CaseAlamy/Reuters/Zuma

The judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse case has given a Veteran’s Day shout out to a member of the defence in a move some have argued could influence the case.

Addressing the courtroom in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Judge Bruce Schroeder opened proceedings by stating that he wished to take a moment to mark Veterans Day, asking if any members of the jury, or anyone else present, was a military veteran.

Just one person responded. This individual was use-of-force expert Dr. John R. Black, who makes up part of Rittenhouse’s defence team. Judge Schroeder then requested that everyone give Dr. Black ‘a round of applause’ for his military service. Those present did as he asked.

Although there’s nothing wrong with marking Veteran’s Day in general, many have expressed serious concerns about Judge Schroeder asking those in the courtroom to applaud for a member of the defence.

As reported by Law & Order, defence attorney Corey Chirafisi could be seen to grin as Dr. Black stated he had indeed served in the army.

Defence jury consultant Jo-Ellan Dimitrius, whose role it is to monitor the tone and reactions of the seated panel, reportedly looked at the jury closely after the request was made.

Following the round of applause, Dr. Black was called to the witness stand by defence attorney Mark Richards, where he stated that he’d spent ‘thirty years’ serving in the military with a highest ‘rank of sergeant major’ prior to his retirement.

While on the stand, Black discussed both the frame rate and resolution of available video evidence, insinuating that footage may not show exactly what prosecutors claimed given that there are some software programmes that process raw video and ‘interpolate’ information into raw data.

Lead prosecutor Thomas Binger objected to the testimony given by Dr. Black, who he claims had started to testify about concerns beyond the court’s original order which would permit the expert to give testimony on specific gunshots and video evidence.

Binger stated that the defence had never sought to expand testimony beyond this time period and had ‘never responded at all’ to an order signed by Judge Schroeder to keep the expert testimony limited.

Rittenhouse is facing multiple felony charges in his ongoing trial after he allegedly killed two people and injured a third during protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin in 2020, with the then-17-year-old having travelled from Illinois armed with an AR-15-style rifle.

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    Judge Asks for ‘Round of Applause’ for Military Veterans in Kyle Rittenhouse Trial. A Defense Witness Was the Only Veteran in the Room.

Julia Banim
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