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Man ordered pizza every day for more than 10 years until employees saved his life
Featured Image Credit: Kirk Alexander/Facebook / Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Man ordered pizza every day for more than 10 years until employees saved his life

Kirk Alexander was stuck in his house ill, until the staff at his local Domino's Pizza came to check up on his wellbeing

A man was once saved from almost certain death by a pizza place that he ordered from every day for a decade.

Here’s a video explaining the whole bizarre - and strangely heart-warming - story.

The man in question is called Kirk Alexander, and every single day of his life – near enough – he would put in an order to Domino’s Pizza near to where he lived in Salem, Oregon.

That meant that the people who worked in the pizza place knew who he was and knew to expect his order.

Back in 2016, when that check didn’t come through for a good few days – 11 to be precise – they started to suspect that something was up, so they went around to check.

The general manager of that particular location, Sarah Fuller, explained at the time: “A few of my drivers had mentioned that we hadn't seen his order come across our screen in a while, so I went and looked up to see how long it had been since he last ordered and it was 11 days, which is not like him at all."

Kirk Alexander was ill, but the pizza place employees came to help out.

A delivery driver was asked to go around to check things out, reporting that ‘he wasn’t answering his door, but there [were] lights on’, Fuller said.

Apparently, they could hear his TV as well.

Something wasn’t right, so they called the police and asked them to investigate. When the Marion County Sheriff’s officers arrived at his house, they heard a man ‘calling for help from within the residence’ and broke the door down.

Alexander was in the house and ‘in need of immediate medical attention’.

He was rushed off to hospital, where he was stabilised.

Staff from the pizza place even visited him in the hospital with flowers and cards - although no pizza.

He was acutely aware that he owed them a great debt of gratitude, but the pizza employees brushed that off.

Fuller said: “[He is] just an important customer that's part of our family here at Domino's.

"He orders all the time so we know him.

“I think we were just doing our job checking in on someone we know who orders a lot.

“We felt like we needed to do something."

The staff at Domino's Pizza in Salem, Oregon, were concerned when he didn't order.
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It’s not clear what was actually wrong with Alexander, but it’s not important.

What is important is that some people were looking out for him, even if he didn’t really know them.

As for the Domino’s employees, they did get some thanks after an appearance on Good Morning America, where they were given some tickets for a load of them to go and see Captain America: Civil War.

That’s because they’re superheroes, get it?

What’s more, a couple of them also got sent to the Domino’s worldwide rally in Las Vegas, which must have been fun for them.

The true reward, however, is in doing a decent thing for someone else.

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