Keanu Reeves Had Incredibly Wholesome Truffles Moment With Sandra Bullock


Keanu Reeves Had Incredibly Wholesome Truffles Moment With Sandra BullockAlamy

Keanu Reeves revealed in a recent interview the sweetest thing he’s ever done, literally.

We’ve all heard how great Reeves is, from giving up seats on the subway to being gracious with fans wanting selfies, but in case you needed another reason to be a fan of his, Sandra Bullock has you covered.


The anecdote was revealed by Bullock as part of a profile on Reeves in Esquire.

The article centred on Reeves’ most recent projects, the latest instalment in the Matrix franchise, The Matrix Resurrections and John Wick: Chapter 4, which he is currently filming in Paris.

Keanu Reeves ConstantineWarner Bros.

Former Speed co-star Bullock was also featured, singing the actor’s praises.


Bullock recounted how around a year after Speed came out, the pair were talking and the topic of champagne and truffles came up – as you do. When Bullock revealed she’d never tried them, Keanu said, ‘Really?!’, which at the time seemed like an off-hand comment and Bullock thought nothing of it.

But this is Keanu Reeves we’re talking about, so – of course – that’s not where the story ends.

A few days later, Bullock was at home with a friend, painting their nails, when an engine was heard outside. Then the doorbell rang, and one wild guess who had come to see Bullock?

Keanu Reeves Always Be My Maybe (Netflix)Netflix

Reeves was stood in the doorway with flowers, champagne and truffles. Honestly, can you imagine?

He then said:

I just thought you might want to try Champagne and truffles, to see what it’s like.

He then proceeded to join Bullock and her friend for Champagne, and even had his nails painted to match Bullock’s nails.


It sounds like the plot of a rom-com.

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