Katie Price’s Younger Sister Makes TV Debut And People Can’t Believe They’re Related

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Katie Price's Younger Sister Makes TV Debut And People Can't Believe They're RelatedGood Morning Britain/YouTube

People cannot believe that Katie Price and her younger sister are related, after spotting her as she made her TV debut. 

Today, September 27, Price and her sister took to Good Morning Britain to discuss their new baby line.


The interview saw Price’s sister, Sophie, make her first television appearance, after normally leading a much more private life than her high profile sister.

Sophie, aged 32, is Price’s younger sister, however viewers of the show were left speechless upon seeing Sophie for the first time, as they could not believe the two were actually be related.

Despite an 11 year age gap and being noted by Susanna Reid as seeming ‘like chalk and cheese’, the two sisters are apparently very close.


When questioned what people tend to ask her about her sister, Sophie admitted that she doesn’t ‘really tell a lot of people’ that she is Katie’s sister. ‘Not because there’s anything wrong’ with Katie, she explained, but that she prefers living quite a private life in comparison to the reality star.

Katie explained that her family often get the ‘backlash’ of any headlines about her, and that while she may ‘put on a front’, her family see the real effect such headlines can have.

Katie said her sister was ‘very brainy’, revealing she got a masters in history. ‘She hates it because I call her the geek,’ she joked.


However, Sophie then said how she views Katie instead as a bit of a ‘geek’ due to her ‘loving Antiques Roadshow‘.

Sophie said she used to be bullied for being Katie’s sister in school, MailOnline reports. ‘It was just girls saying nasty things, when you’re a teenager… You know what girls can be like,’ she said.

Katie and Sophie both share the same mother, Amy, but have different fathers.


When they were children, they shared a bedroom and Katie recalled being ‘obsessed’ with her younger sister, adding that when they both grew older, ‘she nicked my shoes, my clothes and my makeup’.

While Katie has had cosmetic surgery, Sophie said it is personally ‘not for’ her. However, Katie commented how ‘naturally beautiful’ she thinks her sister is.

Despite the closeness of the pair, viewers of the show couldn’t help but share their disbelief at how the two could actually be related. One said: ‘I think this is really sweet. Even though they’re very different people they’re still close. Good on them x.’


Another wrote: 

I wish people wouldn’t use half-sister or half-brother unless that’s what the individuals use. I refer to all my family as brother and sister, not half, as that’s how we were brought up as one big family.

A third commented: ‘Quelle surprise.’

The sisters’ clothing line, called Little Pricey Clothing, is set to launch soon and will feature ‘timeless clothing’ for babies aged 0-18 months.

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