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Joe Biden Falls Off His Bicycle After Beach Ride

Joe Biden Falls Off His Bicycle After Beach Ride

The President of The United States fell off his bike near his beach home in Delaware

President Joe Biden stunned a crowd a reporters after he fell off a bike near his beach home in Delaware.

The US President took a tumble after trying to get off his bike near Cape Henlopen State Park.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden were having a morning cycle as the president decided to pedal towards a crowd of reporters standing by the bike trail. 

As he stopped the bike to get off he gets his foot caught in the pedal and instantly takes a bit of a fall.

Watch below:

Shortly after his fall, he insisted to reporters that he was not hurt.

He appeared to have said: “I’m good”, after US Secret Service agents quickly helped him up. 

As shown in the viral footage, the 79-year-old looked to have got his foot caught in the toe cages on the pedals.

After quickly getting himself up off the floor, he reportedly spent several minutes chatting with the people who had gathered around.

The Biden's are said to be spending a long weekend at their Rehoboth Beach home after marking their 45th wedding anniversary on Friday, 17 June.

One sympathetic user commented: "Honestly, poor guy. He is like 90, can’t ride his old man bike in peace, when he falls everyone in the world sees it. It’s kind of f***ed up. I feel bad for him as a person."

Whereas, someone else added: "Is it bad I just laughed."

A third user joked: "Bicycles are inherently dangerous and must be banned. If we save one life…"

While a fourth quipped: "He was told NOT to chew gum at the same time."

Another added: "Not a Biden supporter but he was riding with pedal straps.

"If you're not an avid rider, it's easy to slow down and realise your feet can't come off the pedal without pulling foot backwards and down you go. not uncommon."

Earlier this week, Jake Paul hit out at the US President on social media and dubbed him as the 'American problem'.

He sarcastically listed five reasons why he thinks the current president is doing a bad job.

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