Irn Bru Shortage Leaves Scotland Outraged

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Irn Bru Shortage Leaves Scotland OutragedAlamy

Scots have been left fizzing at Irn Bru shortages as a result of the HGV crisis.  

The UK’s shortage of lorry drivers has led to lesser-stocked shelves, longer queues at petrol stations and the re-emergence of panic-buying in some shops.

While the government insists Brexit shouldn’t be seen as a contributing factor, it doesn’t take much brainpower to join the dots between thousands of drivers leaving the country during the pandemic and barely any returning. Scotland, where every council voted remain in the referendum, isn’t happy to see its Irn Bru supply affected as a result of the shortage.

The soft drink’s manufacturer AG Barr said it will continue to ‘monitor closely… in recent weeks we have seen increased challenges across the UK road haulage fleet, associated in part with the Covid-19 pandemic, impacting customer deliveries and inbound material’, as per the Evening Standard.

However, the news hasn’t been taken lightly by Scots on social media. ‘Irn Bru running out due to Brexit will be the event that finally triggers Scottish independence,’ one user wrote. ‘Scottish independence getting a huge boost in the polls when it turns out the Tories caused the Great Irn Bru Shortage,’ another wrote.

‘Right this is a f*cking joke now!!! We can live without much fuel and we can live without a couple less toilet rolls but we WILL NOT live without Irn Bru #TheBruMustGetThru,’ another tweeted.

‘First, Brexit came for our petrol. Then they came for our Irn Bru. NAW PAL,’ a fourth wrote. ‘While you daft b*stards were queuing outside petrol stations all weekend, my dad quietly walked into Farmfoods and bought me eight 24-packs of Irn Bru Xtra, thereby avoiding the REAL crisis. Yer man’s old man is a legend,’ journalist Chris Scullion tweeted.

Others have compared the fallout of an Irn Bru shortage to Mad Max, with one sharing an image of Marauders, tweeting, ‘Live scenes from Coatbridge Tesco as Irn Bru shortages announced.’

Another compared any government announcement regarding Irn Bru to Immortan Joe’s speech about water, writing, ‘Do not, my friends, become addicted to Bru. It’ll take hold of you and you will resent it’s absence.’

There have also been several tweets alluding to Scots charging Westminster, with plenty of Braveheart gifs. ‘Irn Bru production is under threat because of the Tories actions. Go on lads,’ one Scot wrote. ‘If Scotland runs dry of Irn Bru we’re getting our claymores out and coming down there to restore the House of Stuart,’ another tweeted.

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Evening Standard
  1. Evening Standard

    Now Irn Bru deliveries suffer from HGV driver shortage

Cameron Frew
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