Irish Nuns Accused Of Breaking Lockdown To Exorcise Demons 135 Miles Away

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Irish Nuns Accused Of Breaking Lockdown To Exorcise Demons 135 Miles AwayGoFundMe/YouTube

A couple of Irish nuns have been accused of flaunting lockdown restrictions to attend an exorcism.

It’s claimed that Mother Irene Gibson and Sister Anne Marie both travelled from Cork to Dublin in December, when a ‘stay at home’ order was in place.

Both nuns are said to have taken part in a traditional Latin Mass outside the Irish Parliament, with around 70 others, before attending an exorcism of the Dáil on December 8.

The exorcism was designed to expunge the alleged evil spirits of the president of Ireland, as well as the country’s top lawmakers, the Irish Examiner reports.

Nuns Accused Of Breaking Lockdown To Exorcise Demons 135 Miles AwayGoFundMe

Both women are believed to have driven 135 miles to attend the event during a time when domestic travel was banned, before flouting the rules once more to gather with more than 70 people when outdoor gatherings of more than 15 people were banned.

A video from the Mass began circulating online, showing Father Giacomo Ballini telling the crowd that ‘no human power can take away the right to say Mass’, while praying for Satan to ‘leave this place’.

However, this isn’t the first run-in with the law for Mother Irene Gibson and Sister Anne Marie.

The nuns are said to have breached planning regulations related to a religious retreat they set up in 2016, which is located just outside of the village of Leap in West Cork. They have been ordered to leave the site by June.

Gibson has since set up a GoFundMe page, raising more than €78,000 to purchase more property for the Carmelite Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus.

Carmelite Sisters of the Holy Face of Jesus/YouTube

‘Our Lord Jesus has given us the spiritual weapons and the armour of light to fight against the men/women of darkness who are continuously at war against us today,’ the fundraiser description reads.

‘We must therefore use every means to clothe ourselves in this armour so we may be always able to withstand the enemy’s attack.’

The fundraiser organisers later added:

Your outstanding charity toward our needs has finally made it possible for us to purchase some property. How has this been possible when the children of darkness have done their utmost to try and crush us?

By spreading lies on local West Cork newspapers, on social media, and filing complaints about our fundraising campaign to local authorities, they have tried to prevent you, our benefactors, from helping us achieve our goal.

It’s unclear whether the nuns face any legal repercussions for allegedly breaking lockdown restrictions.

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Irish Examiner
  1. Irish Examiner

    Cork-based nuns breach Covid guidelines to attend exorcism of the Dáil

Emma Rosemurgey
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