Influencer Defends Dubai Move In Pandemic As Her ‘Job Is To Motivate People’

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Influencer Defends Dubai Move In Pandemic As Her 'Job Is To Motivate People'ITV

An Instagram influencer has defended her decision to move to Dubai during the pandemic, arguing that it fulfils her job to ‘motivate people’.

In an interview earlier today, Sheridan Mordew, a fitness trainer, said she was not influencing people to travel during the pandemic, rather trying to keep them motivated with their at-home workouts.

In an appearance on ITV’s This Morning today she spoke to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield about her decision to travel.

‘My job is to motivate people. If I was gonna be lazy, if I was gonna just sit back. I could have stopped providing free workouts on my Instagram and thought ‘you know what I’ll just wait til gyms open’,’ she said.

Willoughby then pointed out a short clip, posted to the influencer’s Instagram, which shows her riding a camel on the beach.

‘This image doesn’t motivate me, it makes me feel utterly jealous,’ she tells the influencer.

‘What you posted there was essential,’ Schofield also teased.


Insisting that her Dubai move was in line with her work, Mordew said: ‘My job is to help people get fit and be motivated, whether that’s in a house or it’s in Dubai.’

‘I think in a world where you can be anything, be kind, and I think a lot of people forget about that,’ she added.

Her comments were countered by Willoughby, who noted the mounting pressure on the NHS as hospitals struggle to deal with the number of coronavirus patients.

‘Are you being kind to nurses when you’re encouraging others to travel for what you deem as essential work,’ she asked.

‘It’s not that I’m trying to influence anyone to come out, it’s just I’m doing my thing. If anything I’m getting people moving in the house, I’m not saying lets get out let’s go outside. The purpose of what I’m doing is to motivate people,’ Mordew said.

One COVID Patient Admitted To Hospital Every 30 Seconds In EnglandPA Images

Many viewers have expressed anger at those who have chosen to travel amid the pandemic.

‘Riding camels and sitting by a pool is definitely NOT influencing people! It’s an absolute insult to NHS workers/key workers who are absolutely EXHAUSTED and at breaking point but have no time to worry about their own mental health because they have to carry on,’ one user wrote on Twitter.

‘She’s literally just said at the end that she could do this from the UK, so why isn’t she? As cabin crew, I’d love nothing more than to be able for people to travel and fly them places again, but safety comes first, and she (and other influencers) are so irresponsible here,’ another said.

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