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Chilling Images Recovered From Camera Show Final Moments Before Hikers Vanished

Chilling Images Recovered From Camera Show Final Moments Before Hikers Vanished

Kris Kremers, 21, and Lisanne Froon, 22, went missing in Panama in 2014 and the mystery of what happened to them has never been solved.

A camera has been found with evidence of the final moments of two girls who vanished in a jungle.

Kris Kremers, 21, and Lisanne Froon, 22, went missing in 2014 after going for a walk through the forests around the Baru volcano in Boquete, Panama.

The pair had planned the trip for six months and were two weeks into their hike around the jungle when they went missing. Two months later, two bodies in strange conditions were found – leading to numerous theories about what happened with them.

Former detective Dick Steffens reckoned that Kris could have been kidnapped by sex traffickers and could still be alive today, the Mirror reports. The Dutch ex-cop also suggested the Panama police could have botched the investigation.

Other theories are that the two died in an accident, with several failed attempts to access Kris's phone leading some to think she died, which left Lisanne to try and get help alone.

The camera itself was believed to be Lisanne's and was found 10 days after the girls' disappearance on 1 April. It was handed in by a local woman who'd found it in a blue backpack.

The bag also contained two pairs of sunglasses, a small amount of cash, two bras, a water bottle and Lisanne's passport.

The camera contained 90 photos that had been taken in the jungle on 8 April between 1.00am and 4.00am.

Only a few of the photos taken from the camera's memory card were clear images, with most of the shots showing darkness.

Of those that did survive, some showed the pairs' belongings spread out on some rocks next to a plastic bag and sweets wrappers.

Others revealed mounds of dirt and a mirror, while one seemed to show the back of Kris' head, with what some have suggested is blood coming out of her temple.

There's still no clue as to who took the images.

Call-logs found on their phones show that the pair had tried call the police, with 77 attempts made over the course of four days. However, only one connected, and just for two seconds due to bad reception.

Their phones eventually ran out of battery on April 11, and two months later a pelvic bone and a foot – still inside a boot – were found in the same area.

Two bodies that are believed to have been Kris and Lisanne were found a short while later. The latter's body had seemingly decomposed naturally, but Kris's bones were white, as though they had been bleached.

Their causes of death have never been discovered.

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