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Inside the up-for-sale private Caribbean island which costs less than an average house in London

Inside the up-for-sale private Caribbean island which costs less than an average house in London

A Caribbean island is up-for-sale and costs less than the average house price in London.

Ever wanted to own your own private island?

Well, a recent post by Private Islands Inc, lists the luxury of owning your own private island for just $475,000 USD (£390,000).

For context, the average price to buy a house in London is over £100,000 ($120,000) more expensive at £537,920 ($648,000).

Iguana Island is its own private island located just 12 miles off the coast of Bluefields, Nicaragua.

The island is made up of five acres of land and boasts a house of three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Private Islands' listing also says there is ample room to build a swimming pool and even a helipad if the new owner would like to do so.

The house on Iguana Island will cost less than the average London home.
Private Islands Inc

The sea is right on your doorstep, but they do recommend for a calm swim to head towards the west side of the island near the dock.

The house on the island has been 'built to meet modern standards'. It is painted with bright, traditional Caribbean colours in yellow and turquoise, and even includes a bar. Now this is luxury.

Impressively, the house also includes a wraparound porch, so the lucky owner can enjoy all the sea views Iguana has to offer right from their home.

The house will include a wraparound porch.
Private Islands Inc.
The bedroom.
Private Islands Inc

For them even greater views though, residents can climb a 28-foot observation tower to view not just the ocean, but nearby rainforests. What a life, eh.

The other side of the island includes additional accommodation for long-time staff members of Iguana Island. Private Islands' listing says these staff are willing to carry on if the new owners want them. I think I would want to as well.

Privacy will also be a key reason for wanting your own private island. The listing says coconut palms and banana trees will provide this, alongside much needed shade.

The new owner will even be able to catch his own dinner if they want to. Snapper, mackerel, and barracuda can all be caught from the island's dock. Meanwhile, tuna, billfish, and wahoo can all be caught just offshore.

The lucky person to get their hands on the keys will be able to fish at the dock.
Private Islands Inc.

One concern about owning the island for some may be the ability to get supplies.

However, the listing says supplies can be achieved thanks to the close proximity to Bluefields, the capital of the South Caribbean Autonomous Region.

Residents will also be able to travel to when living on the island.

There are direct flights to the US from Nicaragua's capital Managua, which is just another 45-minute plane journey to Bluefields.

From then, it is just an easy boat ride to the island.

Featured Image Credit: Private Islands Inc

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