Hundreds Volunteer As 'Test Inmates' At New Prison Ahead Of Opening

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Hundreds Volunteer As 'Test Inmates' At New Prison Ahead Of Opening

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More than 600 people have volunteered to become 'test inmates' in a new prison in Zurich, Switzerland.

The new prison can hold up to 241 prisoners, and successful applicants will live in prison conditions between March 24-27.

That means limited access to the outside world and prison food. So basically, like first year of uni.

Prison food (Alamy)
Prison food (Alamy)

There will also reportedly be strip-searches upon arrival, because if you're already committed to living like a prisoner, that makes sense, apparently.

The odd arrangement comes from a desire to undertake a 'test run' before the prison officially opens, as there were new wardens and other staff who could use the experience.

Despite the deadline for applications closing tomorrow, February 13, there have already been way more volunteers than there are spaces.

However, Marc Eiermann, the director of the prison, cautioned that volunteers shouldn't expect a 'holiday camp'.

Well, we don't think anyone was expecting Butlins, but it's good to be reminded.

Eiermann added that the pilot will held in 'ensuring the proper functioning of daily operations and allowing wardens to familiarise themselves with the facility'.

Prison (Alamy)
Prison (Alamy)

Prison officials have praised the programme, commenting, 'There are only winners in this test operation. As a participant, you can experience in a safe environment how it might feel for a real arrested person to suddenly be locked up'.

In case anyone wanted to know what a real-life Orange Is The New Black looked like, the officials noted that it might be a good time to 'make your own comparison between fiction from various series and reality in Switzerland'.

Volunteers still need to pass background checks in order to participate, but if you're still yet to find a Valentine's gift, signing up for this is sure to come as a surprise to anyone.

Reportedly, the prison was built in response to criticism surrounding the living conditions of prisoners in the area.

Switzerland has been the topic of controversy in the past for imprisoning 'around 20 minors' each year.

Prison cell (Alamy)
Prison cell (Alamy)

This is typically due to requests for asylum being denied, which means that the minors are place in detention before being deported from the country.

According to a report by the National Commission for the Prevention of Torture, 'In the context of migration, the detention of minors, whether they are accompanied or not by an adult, is judged to be inadmissible in view of the best interests of the child, which must take precedence over immigration status.'

Despite this, the country continues to imprison minors who have failed to secure asylum in the country.

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