Homeless Person Shuts Down Anti-Vaxx Street Protest Perfectly


Homeless Person Shuts Down Anti-Vaxx Street Protest Perfectly@FilmThePoliceLA/Twitter

An anti-vaxx protest was derailed over the weekend when a bystander successfully dismantled the group’s claims with six simple words.

A group of anti-vaxxers took to Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles on Saturday carrying placards and blaring false claims about Covid-19 and the vaccines being used to curb the spread of the disease. However, it seems like they didn’t exactly find the audience they were hoping for.

Anti-Vaxx protestors in LA (@FilmThePoliceLA/Twitter)@FilmThePoliceLA/Twitter

In a clip posted to Twitter, one of the protestors can be heard shouting into a megaphone claiming that Covid-19 can’t be as dangerous as experts claim, telling bystanders, ‘Do you see all of these homeless people around? Are they dead in the street with COVID? Hell no. Why?’

As it turned out, the homeless people in the area had a pretty good explanation for why they weren’t ‘dead in the street’, with one of them shouting in response, ‘Because I’m vaccinated you dumb f***!’

The woman freezes for a second before continuing to spout more nonsense about ‘biohazard bins’ and other conspiracy theories, but by that point the argument was well and truly over.


Social media has a lot to say about the clip, with many pointing out that it not only exposes how ridiculous anti-vaxx views are, but also reveals a double standard when it comes to attitudes towards homeless people.

‘That was straight up an attempt to degrade them. And it backfired spectacularly!’ one person replied to the video, with another commenting, ‘What the hell was the protester’s point even? The extreme prejudices people have warp their minds.’

Another pointed out that with 75% of homeless people in LA having been vaccinated, the city’s homeless population actually has a higher rate of protection from Covid-19 than Republicans, only 56% of whom have taken up the vaccine as of latest figures.


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  1. @FilmThePoliceLA/Twitter

    Hollywood Blvd, Saturday, 11:22 AM

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