Adolf Hitler's Watch Goes Up For Auction And Sells For More Than $1 Million

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Adolf Hitler's Watch Goes Up For Auction And Sells For More Than $1 Million

Featured Image Credit: INTERFOTO / Alamy Stock Photo. Alexander Historical Auctions.

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s wristwatch has sold for $1 million (AUD $1.4m or £900,000) at a controversial US auction in Maryland.

BBC News reports that the Huber timepiece with the initials ‘AH’ engraved on it was sold to the highest anonymous bidder at

Alexander Historical Auctions.

​​The watch features three dates, including Hitler's birth date, the date when he became chancellor and the day the Nazi Party won the election in March 1933, according to The Times of Israel.

The watch was obtained by French soldiers in May 1945, after they stormed the Berghof, Hitler's vacation home in the Obersalzberg area of the Bavarian Alps in Germany.

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

Aside from a wristwatch previously owned by the German tyrant, the auction also included a blue dress that belonged to Hitler’s partner Eva Braun, signed pictures and correspondence of Nazi officials and other personal belongings of the Führer.

Despite the auction facing backlash from members of the Jewish community, it still went ahead over the weekend.

Alexander Historical Auctions’ president, Bill Panagopulos said that while he understands the frustrations of the Jewish community, he still believes the auction holds historical significance.

“Many people donate [Nazi artefacts] to museums and institutions, as we have done,” he told Washington Post.

 “Others need the money, or simply choose to sell. That is not our decision.” 

Panagopulos also refused to disclose the buyer’s identity; however, he did share that he is a European Jew.

This isn’t the first time an auction has faced public scrutiny for selling items connected to the disgraced Nazi leader.

Credit: Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

In 2018, a black and white snapshot of Hitler, taken around the 1920s before he became chancellor, was sold at an auction

The photo was used to portray him as a ‘normal’ man as he is seen sitting on a chair wearing knee-high socks.

That photo, along with several others, were handed to the Hansons Auctioneers and sold to the highest bidders. 

Hansons' Adrian Stevenson said: "It was an early propaganda image and Hitler looked like a peasant to try and create the image that he was one of the people.

"But when he came to power it was entirely the wrong image to portray and he didn't want that image being used. He thought that a photo of him with his knees on display would harm his image.

"He tried to suppress it and it was banned from use.

"Probably a few hundred of them were printed. It is very rare to come across these pictures today."

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