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Condition which causes ‘tiny glittering particles’ inside eyes that most people don’t know they have

Condition which causes ‘tiny glittering particles’ inside eyes that most people don’t know they have

An eye condition that is increasingly common in people over the age of 50 has caused a stir after a video was shared on Reddit

Taking care of our eyes is undoubtedly important, which is why footage of a condition that causes 'tiny glittering particles' inside the eye has caused quite the stir online.

People have been left shocked after seeing a brief video online of somebody suffering from a condition called Asteroid Hyalosis.

Now, I immediately thought of asteroids shooting out of a person’s eyes, but this degenerative eye condition isn’t nearly as dramatic.

According to experts, Asteroid Hyalosis (AH) is pretty common and most people aren’t even aware that they have it. As well as this, in most cases, the affliction is mostly harmless to a person's health.

That being said, seeing the symptoms up close, it is hard to believe. Take a look:

A video showing the unusual condition was shared on Reddit earlier this week and has so far been upvoted more than 6,000 times, with multiple social media users demanding to know more about it.

“Asteroid hyalosis is an age-related condition that causes tiny glittering particles to form inside your eyes,” according to a report by Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit academic medical center.

“Most people don’t have symptoms, and it’s rare for this condition to be severe enough to need treatment.

"Cases that do need treatment are easily managed with a straightforward eye surgery called vitrectomy.

People have been left shocked after seeing a brief video of somebody suffering from Asteroid Hyalosis.
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“The particles that develop with AH form inside the vitreous, the clear, gel-like substance inside your eyes. AH affects only one eye at a time in more than 80 percent of cases.”

Most shockingly, AH is considered permanent and degenerative, and most people don’t even know they have it as it doesn’t usually affect vision or cause symptoms.

“The glittering effect inside the eye is hard to spot unless you shine a light directly at the affected eye and look closely,” the post continued.

“Eye floaters (myodesopsias) sometimes appear in your vision due to AH crystals. Floaters are common after you turn 50, and they’re usually a normal effect of the aging process.”

The disease is considered permanent and degenerative but in most cases is harmless.
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With all that being said, Redditors were still whirled into a frenzy after seeing a light being shone into someone’s eye, revealing they had the condition.

“Just a few floaters drives me crazy. I'd stab my eye if it was like that,” one user wrote.

“X-files movie eyes right there,” another added, as someone else joked: “That’s Venom! The Symbiote has chosen a new host."

And a final said: “Crazy that asteroids would do that. Wonder if they do it from space or by landing in eyes."

Featured Image Credit: u/JaSper-percabeth/Reddit

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