Half Of Americans See Trump As A ‘Failed’ President, Survey Finds

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Half Of Americans See Trump As A 'Failed' PresidentPA Images

As his four years in office come to an end, half of Americans deem Donald Trump to be a ‘failed’ president. 

Despite his efforts to hold on the White House for a second term, Trump lost the 2020 election to Democratic candidate Joe Biden, and is set to hand over the title when Biden is sworn in on January 20.

After first being known as a businessman and reality TV star, Trump was considered a controversial choice for president from the start. His efforts to ‘Make America Great Again’ have been met with strong opposition, and over the past four years he has come under fire for spouting unfounded claims, biased remarks and offensive comments.

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A new poll conducted by USA TODAY and Suffolk University asked 1,000 registered voters to share their thoughts on Trump in his final weeks in Office. The poll was taken between December 16 and December 20 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

When asked how Trump’s term would be viewed in history, 50% of respondents said he would be considered a ‘failed’ president. The remaining voters were split in their opinions, with 16% predicting he would be seen as a ‘great’ president, 13% opting for a ‘good’ president and 16% as a ‘fair’ president.

A number of respondents were unable to make up their minds, with 5% stating ‘undecided’.

United States President Donald Trump returns to the White HousePA Images

When the same poll was conducted following Barack Obama’s presidency, 23% described him as a ‘failed’ president. At the time, half of the respondents viewed Obama in a positive light, with 18% calling him a ‘great’ president and 32% saying he was ‘good’.

Babette Salus, a retired attorney and one of the respondents in this year’s poll, said the past four years have been ‘lacking in compassion and empathy, lacking in anything other than advancing the personal interests of President Trump and his friends and allies and family’.

Salus added, ‘There have probably been worse presidents, (but) I’m not sure there has been a worse one in my lifetime.’

David Cheff, a Trump voter from Jacksonville, Florida, had higher hopes for future opinions of Trump, saying, ‘I’ll tell you what, 50 years out, Trump will be much better regarded than he is at the current time.’

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Arsh Ganjoo, a sophomore at the University of Texas, suggested Trump will be considered as ‘more of an anomaly’ than ‘a great president’.

Though Trump undoubtedly caused controversy throughout his time in office, he managed to maintain the confidence of a large number of his voters, as 71% of Republicans say they would support him if he runs again in 2024.

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    Exclusive: As Trump leaves office, 50% of Americans see him as a 'failed' president

Emily Brown
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