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GTA player forced to use the bus to get to missions after failing the game’s driving test

GTA player forced to use the bus to get to missions after failing the game’s driving test

All aboard the Los Santos Transit.

A Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V player was forced to take the bus around Los Santos to complete missions after failing their in-game driver's test.

Despite leading a life of crime of stealing cars, smuggling weapons and selling illegal substances, one player has to decided to be a law-abiding citizen for once.

We've all given it a go every now and then but the crime always comes back when we get bored.

A player took to Reddit to reveal they chose alternative transport after failing their DMV test.

I mean, bussing around the fictional city to commit crimes doesn’t exactly scream ‘the thug life chose me’. They’ll definitely lose a couple of points for street credibility solely for this.

The user took a screenshot of the test’s controversial questions, which included ‘when is it permissible to run a red light?.

To which the player responded: “When you are convinced that the minority in the other car is going to murder you for no apparent reason apart from the fact that are probably foreign.”

Yikes. It’s no wonder the game has been repeatedly accused of perpetuating harmful racial stereotypes.

In another section, the mock test asked, ‘when getting serviced orally by a girl when driving, the correct course of action is?’ To which the user answered, ‘look for potholes to increase her pleasure’.


The gamer took to Reddit to ask his fellow players how he's meant to criss-cross the virtual city when he can't operate an automobile.

Many users reacted to the post, with one person even offering: “I'm in a taxi crew, I'll take you driving is one of my favourite things to play with in GTA.”

Another user advised: “Call Franklin and get the armored SUV limo.”

Another commented: “I can sell you license without test. It's almost legal if you pretend some laws don't exist.”

A third said: “I love how you got your good behaviour bonus during this.”

While another said: “I actually use the metro in this game and it's not that bad. Really easy to defend yourself against griefers (unless you're waiting for a train) because you're in a moving vehicle that can't be blown up, and you can use large weapons.”

Glass half full type guy.

While obtaining a driver’s license doesn’t affect missions in the slightest, it's a unique little easter egg for players to try out to shake things up.

And even if the bus isn’t the most convenient way to get around, we must admit it makes for some interesting gameplay.

Featured Image Credit: Grand Theft Auto/Rockstar Games

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