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Gross Experiment Has People Swearing To Never Use Hand Dryers Again

Gross Experiment Has People Swearing To Never Use Hand Dryers Again

Viewers are completely grossed out by the hand-drying TikTok

A gross experiment has people swearing to never use hand dryers again.

I think many of us have become more aware of personal hygiene since the start of the pandemic where we were told to sing Happy Birthday while washing our hands.

Well what we weren't made aware of was the potential 'germy' dangers of using hand dryers, as TikToker @phonesoap explains in the video below:

The somewhat simple experiment shows the TikToker collecting bacteria samples by waving a petri dish through the air in the same way you would dry your hands, while collecting samples from various different types of hand dryer in unknown locations.

After the samples were left three days to incubate we were able to see what sort of damage had been done.

The dish which simulated shaking your hands to get them dry seemed to have barely any visible growth of germs.


However, the samples from the hand dryer simulations showed a mega amount of bacterial growth.

The TikToker then concluded that the best way of dryng you hands was just shake the water off.

Despite there being a lack of study conducted, viewers had been convinced to completely stop using hand dryers.


One user commented: "I've stopped using air dryers after I heard them described as 'the wind of a thousand farts'."

A second sarcastically wrote: "I love how we wash our hands and then just blow bacteria on them."

While a third quipped: "Jokes on you, I don’t wash my hands after!!"

Another user wrote a very relatable comment: "My biggest pet peeve is having hand dryer in public bathroom with a door that pulls in. Must touch handle to exit. #MakeDoorsSwingOut"

To which the TikToker sympathetically replied: "The worst! Unless you’re like me and patiently wait for someone to come in."


Someone else shared: "I never use the hand dryers because they are obnoxiously loud lol now I'm glad I don't."

And PhoneSoap replied: "The loudest. But not as loud as the guy getting rained on from vigorously waving my hands dry."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/phonesoap

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