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Green Day Star Billie Joe Armstrong Says ‘F**k America I’m Renouncing My Citizenship’ At UK Gig

Green Day Star Billie Joe Armstrong Says ‘F**k America I’m Renouncing My Citizenship’ At UK Gig

Billie Joe Armstrong called out the US on stage during Green Day's Hella Mega Tour.

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong said 'f*ck America' and claimed he was 'renouncing [his] citizenship' on stage during the band's Hella Mega Tour.

The American rock band performed at the London Stadium on Friday (24 June), and used the opportunity to address the US following the Supreme Court's overturning of a 50-year-old ruling that allowed women the legal right to have an abortion.

In the clip posted to TikTok, Armstrong can be heard saying: "F**k America."

The musician continues: "I'm f**king renouncing my citizenship. I'm f**king coming here.

"[...] There's too much f**king stupid in the world."

Armstrong declared he is 'renouncing' his American citizenship.
@eleni_sofia/ TikTok

Armstrong's bold statement was met with raucous applause from audiences.

Many TikTokers were similarly supportive of the musician's statement.

The post has amassed more than 300,000 views, 20,000 likes and 600 comments.

One user wrote: "I will help u pack just tell me when."

"Most fun night of my life, Green Day = GOAT," another said.

A third commented: "Missed Green day at Reading 95 hungover in tent saw them at V98 and they were phenomenal!! Seen them loads since!! Love BillyJoe and his views!!"

However, others noted the problematic nature of UK politics too.

"If “here” is the U.K. I wouldn’t bother, out of the frying pan and into the fire!" one wrote.

Another joked: "Wait til someone tells him about Boris."

"ILY Billy but you don't want to be here," a final said.

Armstrong's comments followed later on in the day from the Supreme Court ruling that has left millions of women in the US legally unable to have an abortion.

The Roe v Wade ruling – which was first established in 1973, legalising abortion nationwide up to the point of foetal viability, which is around 24 weeks – was overturned in a majority vote of six to three.

The Supreme Court's ruling has spurred on subsequent 'trigger laws' in 13 other states, which means a ban on abortion will automatically go into effect in those areas too.

Armstrong's condemnation of the US echoes the thoughts of many.

Planned Parenthood spoke out immediately after the ruling.

It said: "The Supreme Court has taken away our right to abortion and overturned Roe v. Wade, opening the floodgates for states across the country to ban abortion. The court has failed us all — but this is far from over.

"We know what politicians want because it's already happening: to ban abortion state by state—& eventually a national ban. But, like generations before us, we'll fight for each other."

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Featured Image Credit: @eleni_sofia/TikTok

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