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Grandmother shoots and kills wannabe thief after he pulled a gun on her and demanded cash
Featured Image Credit: KHOU-11

Grandmother shoots and kills wannabe thief after he pulled a gun on her and demanded cash

He tried to shoot her, but the gun jammed, allowing her to open fire in return.

A Texan grandmother has shot and killed a would-be armed thief as he tried to rob her food truck, police have revealed.

Investigators claim the 23-year-old man was shot just after 2pm after he pulled a gun on Keshondra Howard Turner, who was working inside her food truck on Tuesday in a Houston parking lot off South Main Street.

Police claim the man asked about the menu, but when Turner showed him what was on offer he pulled out a handgun.

Authorities say he then demanded cash and got out of his pickup truck while pointing the gun at the grandmother.

Houston Police Lieutenant Bryan Bui said Turner quickly closed the window of the truck, but the armed assailant opened it back up and shoved his arm inside with his gun, according to KHOU11.


The man pointed the gun at the 53-year-old woman and attempted to shoot but it jammed.

Turner, by then, had her hands on her own weapon and shot the man several times.

He wound up collapsing roughly 50 feet away from the truck, police said.

The wannabe thief was pronounced dead at the scene by emergency services.

Turner's son said ,Derick Howard, told local news outlet KHOU11 that she would never have wanted to use her gun, but she felt like she had no other choice.

"My momma is a great person, you know? Good-hearted, looking out for everybody," he said. "She'd give the shirt off her back."

He added: "I hope she's alright because I know right now she's going crazy because that's not even [like] her."

In the three years their soul food truck has been open, the family revealed they have never had an issue.

Turner, the cook behind the counter at Elite Eats, was busily frying up her soul food goodness when her worst fears came true.


Police officials revealed that the grandmother had a panic attack after the shooting and was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Her loved ones are now thanking the heavens above that she is alright.

"She's a Godly woman, that's why the gun jammed because God jammed it," her son said.

An investigation into the man's death and the attempted robbery are still ongoing.

An initial examination has revealed nothing was taken from the food truck during the attempted robbery.

They will be checking the area for surveillance cameras to see if they shed any more light on what happened.

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