Golfer Caught In The Middle Of A Tornado Captures The Destruction In Shocking Video

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Golfer Caught In The Middle Of A Tornado Captures The Destruction In Shocking Video

A golfer captured terrifying footage of a deadly tornado ripping through Georgia.

Violent storms across the south of the US have taken the lives of at least two people this week: a woman died in Pembroke, Georgia, after a tornado caused catastrophic damage around the city; and an elderly man in Texas died after a tree fell on his home.

For many across the world, tornadoes will forever remain in the realm of news broadcasts, movies or our imaginations. For this golfer, he came face to face with the vortex as it literally tore his course apart.


Check out the shocking footage below:


Cliff Horton, from Bryan County, filmed a shocking video of a tornado causing havoc at Black Creek Golf Club in Ellabell.

At first, stormy weather descends through trees, escalating into nightmarish winds, trees being pulled down and the roof being blown off the building.


His stepdaughter Myah (@myahcowart) shared it to Twitter, writing: "Not my stepdad standing in the middle of a tornado in Ellabell?"

She added: "Update: my stepdad was unable to take cover inside because he was locked out of the clubhouse!

"While my stepdad and family are okay, there are others who lost their homes and some who lost their lives.

"We are from a very small town, and i know the cities of Pembroke and Ellabell could use any help they can get. Please reach out and donate if you can."


The footage has amassed more than 2.2 million views, with many praising the man for remaining calm despite the circumstances, as well as documenting educational footage of a natural disaster unfolding before him.

One user wrote: "Huge respect for him that he could calmly document the situation he found himself in, and glad he's okay."

Another tweeted: "I demand you show us this absolute badass right now. What does this hero look like. He shall be named Captain Tornado."


A third wrote: "I would’ve broken the door down to get inside. How did he stay so calm while 100+ foot trees were being ripped from the ground in front of his eyes."

A fourth wrote: "There went the roof. I know it's no laughing matter, but I laughed. So calm and collected, love it."

Reacting to the tornado, Alton Godwin, owner of Black Creek Golf Club, told WTOC: "Pure panic. I mean, the main thing was, were any of my employees injured or any of my customers. It just came through so fast, nobody could do anything."

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