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Girl woke up at her own funeral after doctors thought she had died

Girl woke up at her own funeral after doctors thought she had died

The Mexican three-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital before appearing to wake at her funeral hours later

A three-year-old girl woke up at her own funeral after being pronounced dead, before returning to the hospital only to be pronounced dead again.

The Mexican child – Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza – was allegedly misdiagnosed by doctors at the hospital and woke up 12 hours after having been pronounced dead on Wednesday.

She later sadly was pronounced dead again, this time correctly, after being taken back to the same hospital.

This strange and tragic incident took place at the Salinas de Hidalgo Community Hospital in the state of San Luis Potosi, in central Mexico.

Camila and her mother, Mary Jane.

Camila’s mother, Mary Jane Mendoza, explained that her daughter was suffering with a sore stomach, vomiting, and a fever, so was taken along to see the local paediatrician in their hometown of Villa de Ramos.

That’s when the doctors recommended that she take Camila over to the local hospital, where – upon arrival – she was treated for dehydration and given some basic painkillers.

However, her condition worsened and she was brought back into the hospital later on.

Mendoza said: “Now they wanted to connect her to an IV drip, they took a long time connect her to oxygen, they couldn’t do it because they couldn't find her veins, finally a nurse managed it.”

Despite heading back to the hospital, she was pronounced dead between 9.00pm and 10.00pm that night.

Mendoza claims that she was then locked in a room at the hospital, separated from her daughter’s body, before she managed to get out through another door.

Documents showed that Camila had been pronounced dead.

At her daughter’s funeral the following day, someone noticed that there was condensation on a glass panel in her coffin, suggesting that the supposedly dead child was breathing.

Some at the funeral said that this must have been a hallucination, which stopped the congregation from opening the coffin.

Then, Mendoza’s mother-in-law spotted that the child’s eyes were moving, giving further indication that she might still have been alive.

That led to the coffin being opened up.

Upon closer inspection, with family members checking the girl for a pulse, it was revealed that she was still alive.

The girl was taken straight back to the hospital, where she was sadly pronounced dead for a second time.

Now, there will be an investigation into the circumstances that led to this tragic and bizarre incident.

The General State Attorney, Jose Luis Ruiz, confirmed that there is an active investigation into the case, adding that an autopsy on the girl had also taken place.

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