Giant Dinosaur Footprints Found On The Roof Of A Cave In France

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Giant dinosaur footprints thought to be around 168 million years old have been discovered on the roof of a cave in France.

The prints were discovered on an expedition in the Castelbouc Cave by researchers from the University of Burgundy–Franche-Comté.

But, before you start thinking the dinos – believed to have been sauropods – had been listening to Lionel Richie’s Dancing On The Ceiling, the prints were once on the ground but over the years they’ve been ‘buried’, therefore making them appear on the roof of the cave.

The large prints were actually found 500m under the earth’s surface and could only been seen from the Castelbouc Cave’s roof.


In the recently published study, the prints are described as ‘very well preserved’ by the researchers.

Part of the study read: 

The trackmakers are hypothesised to be titanosauriforms. Some of the tracks are extremely well preserved and show impressions of digits, digital pads, and claws. […]

The tracks from Castelbouc attest the presence of sauropods in proximal littoral environments during the Middle Jurassic. This discovery demonstrates the great potential of prospecting in deep karst caves that can occasionally offer larger and better-preserved surfaces than outdoor outcrops.

The prints were a whopping 1.25m long, making them the largest dinosaur footprints – that we know of – in the world .

While the researchers are pretty sure the prints are those of a sauropod, it’s currently unknown which species of sauropod they belong to, despite the prints being in good condition.

SauropodTadek Kurpaski/Wikimedia

The Natural History Museum describes sauropods as ‘very large herbivores that walked mostly on four legs’ and explains how it is thought there were 69 different types of the dinosaur, including the Erketu, the Jobaria, and the Branchiosaurus.

A huge dinosaur was spotted in Guernsey back in February, except this one – fortunately – wasn’t real.

Andre Bisson ordered the dinosaur for his dinosaur-obsessed son, Theo, believing what we was ordering was a 3ft-long model.

He was left gobsmacked, however, when a life-sized dinosaur was delivered to his home.

Andre Bisson Dinosaur ChazAndre Bisson/Facebook

The dinosaur, which they named Chaz, cost Andre an eye watering £1,000, and while it wasn’t what he expected, he kept it and Chaz is now living his best life in the family’s garden.

Andre said he loves the addition to his garden and fortunately his neighbours don’t mind it either – while they think he’s ‘bonkers’ for ordering it, they think Chaz is ‘great’, and by the looks of it, so does Andre’s son Theo.

Ultimate dad goals.

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