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Ghosthunter Who Was Stalked By Violent Spirit For A Year Explains How It ‘Latched Onto Her’

Ghosthunter Who Was Stalked By Violent Spirit For A Year Explains How It ‘Latched Onto Her’

Debbie McAll from Portsmouth first became aware of her psychic senses as a child but nothing could prepare her for what happened next.

A paranormal investigator who was stalked by a violent ghost for a year has explained how it 'latched onto her' and left her fearing for her life.

Debbie McAll from Portsmouth, Hampshire first became aware of her psychic senses as a child, and began to have 'visitations' in her twenties of faceless people looking for her help.

Yet nothing would prepare her for what was to come.

The development coordinator’s life changed forever in November 2012 when a spirit 'attached' itself to her and refused to leave her alone.

Debbie McAll was stalked by a violent ghost for a year.
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At first, the spirit would taunt her by moving items around, but it eventually became aggressive and pushed her down the stairs.

She said: “This spirit just wouldn’t go away. The haunting got particularly bad and it was poltergeist haunting – a spirit that causes physical disturbances – so objects would be moved. Things would fly around and I even got attacked.

“I was pushed down the stairs and dragged by my ankles. That happened four or five times. And one time it was even witnessed by a friend, who ran out of the house.”

She added: “I was literally stalked for over a year. The spirit was a bit taller than I was – around 5ft 7in and quite wide. There was a weight to him, which is funny to say about a spirit.

“I was absolutely terrified, I had no idea how to deal with it. At the time, I couldn’t see him, but I could feel him.”

The Portsmouth native hosting one of her Ghost2Ghost experiences.
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The former office worker first went to a church looking for help to 'banish' him but to no avail, so she turned to a medium, who told her she needed to 'let go of any negative energy' that was keeping the spirit latched on to her.

Reflecting on the difficult time, Debbie confessed she thought she was 'going completely mad' as the spirit started taunting her at work and around friends.

Fortunately, the spirit finally left her alone in 2013, but there was no turning back for Debbie, who became passionate about the paranormal and left her job to become a ghosthunter.

Debbie, who founded paranormal investigations group Ghost2Ghost in 2018, said pursuing her interest in the spirit world has helped her 'regain control' of her life.

She's since found love with Emily Cowell, who she met at a séance.
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Since starting Ghost2Ghost, Debbie has gone on more than 120 haunting excursions, taking a mixture of believers and sceptics.

Not only did she get a new career out of the experience but also a new partner – Emily Cowell, 38, a service manager – who she met at a séance in Fort Widley in 2020.

She shared: “She has the same passion for the paranormal as me and whenever we can, we work together.

“Our date nights are paranormal investigations instead of dinners – we prefer them!”

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