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Ghislaine Maxwell believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in prison and didn't commit suicide
Featured Image Credit: TalkTV/Police handout

Ghislaine Maxwell believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in prison and didn't commit suicide

Ghislaine is convinced that Jeffrey was killed.

Ghislaine Maxwell has shared that she believes her friend Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in prison, and didn't commit suicide.

The former socialite has given her first interview from behind bars, where she was sent after being found guilty of trafficking young girls for Epstein between 1994 and 2004.

During the conversation, Ghislaine, 61, further fuelled conspiracy theories surrounding the Epstein's death, by claiming that the disgraced financier was likely murdered.

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell in August 2019 where he was being held while awaiting trial for a number of sex trafficking charges.

Although his death was ruled a suicide at the time, Jeffrey was linked to enough powerful people that many were convinced foul play was involved - Ghislaine being one of them.

Speaking on Jeremy Kyle Live: Ghislaine Behind Bars, she said: "I believe that he was murdered. I was shocked.

Ghislaine has said she believes Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

"Then I wondered how it had happened because as far as I was concerned, he was going to... I was sure he was going to appeal.

"And I was sure he was covered under the non-prosecution agreement.

"But I wasn't in the indictment. I wasn't mentioned. I wasn't even one of the co-conspirators.

"I honestly wish I had never met him."

Ghislaine also claimed, in the interview from her cell, that she didn't know Jeffrey Epstein 'was so awful', though 'looking back with hindsight', she can see it more clearly.

"At the time, I mean he had lots of friends. He was friendly with just about everybody you could imagine," she said.

"There was no reason to imagine that he was someone of interest to people."

Ghislaine is currently serving a 20 year prison sentence for her role in grooming underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

During her sentencing, four women who had identified themselves as victims gave statements in court.

Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted on charges of sex trafficking.
ZUMA Press Inc/ Alamy Stock Photo

One accuser, known as 'Kate', said in her victim impact statement: "Ghislaine's lack of remorse and blatant refusal to take responsibility for her crimes towards us is her final insult."

Elsewhere in her interview, Ghislaine commented on her connection to Prince Andrew - specifically the infamous photo of her and Andrew with Virginia Giuffre.

"Well, it's a fake. I don't believe it's real," Ghislaine said of the photo.

"In fact, I'm sure it's not... There's never been an original. Further, there's no photograph; I've only ever seen a photocopy of it."

On Virginia Giuffre's case against Prince Andrew, Ghislaine said: "I don't believe it happened, certainly the way as described. It would have been impossible.

"I don't have any memory of going to [the nightclub where Ms Giuffre said Andrew danced with her].

"Certainly it's not an outfit I would have worn."

Prince Andrew has denied all claims made against him by Virginia Giuffre, and paid millions of pounds to settle the civil sexual assault case made against him.

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