George Floyd’s Brother Came Face-To-Face With Derek Chauvin At The Trial

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George Floyd's Brother Came Face-To-Face With Derek Chauvin At The TrialPA Images

Terrence Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, has spoken out about coming face-to-face with Derek Chauvin at his ongoing murder trial.

Speaking with The Independent, Terrence admitted he was ‘revolted’ after standing mere feet away from Chauvin during the second day of the trial, but ‘did not want to kneel on his throat’.


Terrence, 44, has reportedly attended every day of Chauvin’s murder trial so far, having to endure being in the same room as the man who knelt on his brother’s throat.

Hennepin County Sheriff's OfficeHennepin County Sheriff's Office

Terrence told The Independent:

That has been intense, because for the last year, I’ve been seeing this particular person, Chauvin, on TV. But to see him up close, it brings on a whole bunch of emotions.

You know there’s ‘Why?’ factor. ‘What was on your mind?’ But you can’t get to him to talk to him about that. But that’s just my curiosity. It’s been intense to relive this all over again, and to see him, in arm’s reach. It’s just an intense emotional feeling.


On the first day of the trial, Terrence found himself standing even closer to Chauvin:

It was recess. And I came outside the court through a a vestibule. And I was sitting down, and I guess he walked out. I stood up just to stretch my legs, but he came out at the same time.

And I got a question [afterwards from my friends] ‘Did I want grab him and put my knee or his neck’. And I said no, I didn’t I didn’t feel that way. I felt disgusted, but I didn’t feel like doing any harm to him because I didn’t think it would prove a point. It wouldn’t prove a point.

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Terrence also asked people to respond peacefully to the verdict announcement, whatever the outcome may be:


You have a right to be angry. You have a right to protest and let your voice be heard. And to express that anger. But don’t express it in a violent way, express it in a peaceful way.

Chauvin, 45, who has chosen not to testify at his trial, is facing charges of third-degree murder, second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for George’s death in May 2020.

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