Furious Bystander Complaining About Insulate Britain Protest Told To Stop By Police For ‘Causing A Nuisance’


Furious Bystander Complaining About Insulate Britain Protest Told To Stop By Police For 'Causing A Nuisance'@NewsForAllUK/@UnityNewsNet/Twitter

Footage has emerged of a police officer telling a man to stop complaining about Insulate Britain protesters. 

More than 60 activists from the environmental group have blocked two roads around Parliament Square in Westminster today, November 4, as part of its campaign for the UK government to insulate all social housing as part of its efforts against climate change and cutting carbon emissions.


Insulate Britain’s cause isn’t the reason most people are getting frustrated with them; instead, it’s their methods that have provoked criticism in recent weeks, with the public turning against protesters. One motorist nearly collided with officers and activists after running a red light, another squeezed ink in their faces, and there’s been several instances of drivers exiting their vehicles to drag them off the roads.

In footage from today’s protests, shared to Twitter by @UnityNewsNet, an officer approaches two men audibly complaining about the demonstration and how it’s being policed. ‘Enough, enough… it’s not helping is it,’ the unnamed officer tells them.

One of the men tells the officer he has ‘no right’ to ask them not to speak, as the activists are the ones causing the disturbance. The officer says they’re dealing with the protesters, to which the man says, ‘You’re not dealing with it appropriately.’


The officer suggests he should become a police officer so he can help to deal with it, but the man says he’s ‘probably too honest for it’ and adds that protesters ‘have no deterrent not to do it again because of the way [they’re] policing it’ like ‘social workers’.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, who recently announced a ‘super injunction’ against the protesters covering the ‘entire strategic road network’, said today’s actions have been ‘completely unacceptable’. More than 800 people have been arrested in connection with the group’s campaign.

In a statement, as per BBC News, Insulate Britain said, ‘We have exposed the government’s refusal to act on home insulation as cowardly and vindictive. Their refusal to protect our country and our children from the climate crisis is genocidal and treasonous.’


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  1. BBC News

    Insulate Britain blocks roads around Parliament

  2. @UnityNewsNet/Twitter

    BREAKING NEWS: A man criticising the Police for being soft on Insulate Britain blocking roads has been told to stop because HE is causing a public nuisance!

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