Fox News Anchors Arguing About ‘You’ Netflix Show Is Being Called ‘The Greatest Video Of All Time’

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Fox News Anchors Arguing About 'You' Netflix Show Is Being Called 'The Greatest Video Of All Time'Fox News/Netflix

Fox News anchors Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo arguing about the hit Netflix show You has got people across the internet howling with laughter.

On Monday, November 15, the hosts discussed a segment titled ‘Numbers don’t lie: viewers like woke-free TV’, when Arroyo proceeded to confuse Ingraham.


While complaining about ‘woke storylines’ on TV, Arroyo brought up an episode from the latest season of You.

Chaos ensued.

The conservative commentator told Ingraham, ‘You know I was watching an episode of You, where measles came up.’


While we find it hard to imagine there’s someone who doesn’t know about Penn Badgley’s hit serial killer series, Ingraham seemed pretty in the dark.

She responded saying, ‘Wait, wait, wait, when did I mention measles?’

You season three comes to Netflix on October 15.Netflix

The exchange proceeded to get more complex than the Netflix series’ plot line.


While Arroyo tried to make it clear he was speaking about a show, saying multiple times, ‘It was on You,’ Ingraham grew more frustrated, asking, ‘We never did a measles and vaccine episode, is this a joke?’

She continued: 

I’ve never had, Raymond, I’ve never had measles. What are you talking about? This is stupid.

Joe and Love in You (Netflix)Netflix

In one last ditch attempt, Arroyo says, ‘It’s a show called You on Netflix’, to which Ingraham replies, ‘There’s a show called Laura Ingraham on Netflix?’


Eventually, as we all would, Arroyo gave up trying to clarify and proceeded to talk about Adele’s new album.

People quickly took to Twitter to react to the segment.


Some compared it to comedy duo Abbott and Costello’s hilarious routine ‘Who’s on first’:

Maybe the news anchors would be better suited to comedy?

Eventually, Penn Badgley, the star of You, chimed in, saying that the video was ‘definitely a bit’.

However, he praised Arroyo for his performance, saying, ‘His delivery is great.’

Bit or not, fans were impressed:

While viewers found the video hilarious, Badgley’s new series deals with a far more serious subject matter.

Series three of You dropped in October and continues to follow unfriendly neighbourhood stalker Joe Goldberg as he, well, stalks.

You has already been renewed for a fourth season, so here’s hoping for another Fox segment.

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  1. @jaylawrence91

    And this, everyone, is the greatest video of all time:

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    Definitely a bit. His delivery is great tho


    "Who's on first" Abbott and Costello irl lo

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    Fox News hosts at centre of ‘hilarious’ blunder involving Netflix show You

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