Fox News Anchor Claims Viral Argument Over ‘You’ Netflix Show Was Scripted But People Are Not Convinced

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Fox News Anchor Claims Viral Argument Over 'You' Netflix Show Was Scripted But People Are Not ConvincedFox News/Alamy

Two Fox News anchors have come forward declaring their viral argument about the Netflix show You to be scripted, but the public still doesn’t believe them. 

Earlier this week two Fox News anchors went viral after a video of an argument they were having live on the air was shared online. News personality Raymond Arroyo attempted to use an analogy by bringing up the hit Netflix show You, but apparently his counterpart, Laura Ingraham, thought he was talking about her instead of the show.


The video was quickly shared online, with one person calling it ‘the greatest video of all time’. It even prompted a response from the show’s star Penn Badgley. Now the pair of news hosts have addressed the controversy and have tried to convince the public that it was all a big stunt.

The two hosts appeared on air with Arroyo bringing up the viral moment to Ingraham, saying, ‘People are asking was it real or was it scripted, Laura.’

‘What do you think?’ Ingraham asked.


‘I think people are craving something authentic and real, and they got a bit of that,’ Arroyo replied.

Ingraham then blamed liberals for laughing at the clip and thinking that it was real: ‘You know what I think, Raymond? I think there are a lot of liberals out there who don’t like conservatives having fun. That’s what I think! You know what else I think? I think they haven’t gotten a laugh in like 30 years and a thing that we practiced for, what, like 30 seconds? We got like 20 million views on YouTube. Ok?’

After the attempt to convince the public that the viral moment was scripted, the public came forward sharing opinions. Penn Badgley himself thought the clip was scripted, but most of the public instead decided to accept that it was real.


Twitter user @307WindyWyoming said, ‘Nope….nope…. my sister is the exact same as Laure Ingraham, and it’s ALL REAL. The UPS man dropped off a pkg. Said, You have a pick-up? She said, “No, I have a Jeep.” This went on… It’s real. Sadly.’

Another Twitter user @sloyoroll01973 aimed their comment at Laura’s intelligence, saying ‘After reading these tweets about Laura Ingraham, I am for certain that she is not faking her stupidity for her dumb audience. Her stupidity is real.’

So far the jury is still out on if this clip was real or not, but it seems as though most people will simply choose what they believe – and believing it was real is much more entertaining.

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    Fox’s Laura Ingraham claims her viral ‘You’ misunderstanding was a ‘comedy bit’ - and people aren’t convinced

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